If you have lot of paper documents that you need scanned, you may have an opportunity to help your staff, as well as the community.

You have probably wanted to get all your files scanned for some time, but, it just doesn’t seem to get done.  Your staff probably looks at this task as a boring, tedious task of low priority.  As a consequence, the project never gets done.

Ally Business Solutions has an answer for you.

They find and train people with disabilities to do this work.  The disability now becomes a unique ability.  These people do not look at scanning your important documents as boring or tedious.  They attack your project with great interest.  And because of their disability, they have excellent attention to detail.  The result are that your project gets done in a timely manner with the accuracy you need.  And your staff will be happy they didn’t have to do it.

We have used them for a number of projects and they have done an amazing job on each one.


For more info on scanning service contact us or Ally directly at:

John Hoffman