why are CAP so important


People ask me why I am so passionate about working with CAP agencies.  When you hear my story you will understand.

When I was young, our family was very poor.  My dad would laughingly say, “we are the family that poor people call poor.”  There was no organization like a CAP at that time to help us.  We mostly did without.

One Christmas Eve, when my dad got home from being in the hospital for two years, people in our town found out that we had nothing for Christmas.

They took food and gifts that were for their families and gave them to us.  They gave us a Christmas tree, turkey, and all the stuff to make a complete dinner.

And they gave us toys that were purchased for their children.

They didn’t have time to replace them, it was Christmas Eve. Their family had less so we could have a special Christmas.

The person who delivered everything was dressed as Santa. So, we never knew who blessed us that year.

I have a hard time telling this story without choking up. That event changed our lives.  It impacts me nearly 60 years later.

Our family has since found many ways to help the less fortunate.

But, when I met my 1st CAP agency,  I knew what they were doing was life-changing for many of their residents.

I knew there was a way I could leverage my time and efforts for the good of the community.  I could help CAP agencies make their staff more efficient – saving the agency money that could be used to help families or saving the staff time handling paperwork so they had more time with the clients to flush out other ways that they could help them. It is my way of paying back the strangers that made our Christmas special.

If you work at a CAP agency or a non-profit, thank you. You will never know the impact that you have on children in your area.

What you do is life-changing and many will look back years later at the kindness you showed them in their time of need.

Thank you!