Most people would like their employees to be more efficient but have no idea how to even begin the process. The one thing you need to know is – what is the one thing that takes up the most time in your employee’s day? If you knew that one thing and could find a solution, then you could reach your goal.
I just happen to know that one thing that wastes precious time for your employees. I discovered a report on a study that IDC did. They found that 30% of a worker’s day was spend searching for documents. And if that was not bad enough, another 10% was spend recreating documents they could not find. That seemed awfully high. So, I did some further research and found a couple of other studies including one done by PricewaterhouseCoopers. These other studies confirmed the finding of IDC.
So, if you are like most organizations, this is the one thing you need to solve.
Maybe you can relate to Cindy Hamilton from Community Action Partnership Suburban Hennepin. She recalled the mess they had. “Files everywhere. People’s desks were piled high. Underneath their desks were piled high. A misplaced file could take hours to find.”
We implemented a Laserfiche ECM system for them and here is the result. Cindy said, “now the office is clear, no paper files anywhere and we now can find any file in moments.”
What if your worker were 30-40% more productive.
If you are interested in learning more about how Laserfiche could help your office become more efficient and effective, just reach out to me.
Larry Phelps
Hemingway Solutions,