What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow Automation refers to the automation of manual business processes using workflow rules. Most often accomplished by implementing an ECM system and using the workflow tools in the system.

Laserfiche workflow for CAPAlmost every department in your business can benefit from workflow automation. Business processes that are routine and predictable can be predefined and mapped out in a logical order and automated using workflow rules.

Here is an example so you can better understand workflow automation.  A typical employee request for vacation would look something like this:

  • An employee fills out a vacation request form.
  • The form automatically gets sent to the manager for approval.
  • The manager verifies the schedules of the team to ensure coverage is necessary.
  • Manager checks company vacation policy to ensure the vacation is allowed.
  • The manager checks with payroll to make sure the employee has vacation time accrued.
  • Base on the findings, the manager denies or approves the vacation request.
  • The form is automatically sent back to the employee and a copy also sent to personnel.

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