What does it mean to go paperless?

To go paperles means to use electronic documenst rather than paper documents. This is most often accomplished by implementing an ECM system.  Some people get the mistaken notion that you must eliminate all paper documents from your process.  Paper documents are, admittedly, still important to a business. We are familiar with paper documents. We’re comfortable with them. To eliminate paper documents and do everything electronically would force us to give up what we know. We’d have to change. And for most of us, change is not easy.

If we try to make drastic changes all at once, people will resist and return to what they know.

If you had to guess the hardest thing for records managers to do when implementing an electronic document management system, what would you say?

Perhaps you’d think it’s getting used to the technology, justifying the cost of the system, changing people’s habits, or knowing how to best implement the system.

While these things can sometimes be difficult, I’ve found that the hardest thing for customers is actually getting rid of the paper once the information is in the system.

I think that going paperless is best accomplished as a journey toward going totally paperless.

Think of paperless as less paper, not no paper!