Field security in Laserfiche is typically used to hide sensitive information.  But, it can facilitate a better user experience by hiding fields that don’t matter to certain users.

Fields shown in templates will vary based on the logged-in user’s field security rights. Users only see information they are allowed to see and other information is hidden. This not only secures information; it prevents users from entering values in fields that don’t apply to them.

In the example below, the Loan Application template contains general fields that all users would need to see, such as “Client Name” and “Phone Number,” and some fields that only a few select users would need assess to, like “Social Security Number” and “Credit Score,” .  The template also contains the “Date Approved” and “Approved By” fields that are only applicable to users involved in the approval business process.

laserfiche index fields

General User View





laserfiche index values displayed

Qualified User View


Step by step instructions on how configure this can be found here: