Community Action Agency – Which In-Take Desk Looks Like Yours?

CAP intake papermess without Laserfiche

Here is a description of two CAP offices: 1. ” Files everywhere. People’s desks were piled high. Underneath their desks were piled high. If you needed to find a file, it would take almost all of us to find it.”  Cindy Hamilton, Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin 2.  “There is virtually no chaos in our offices now. […]

Picking A Stable Paperless, ECM Software Vendor Is Important

picking a ecm vendor

Many organizations are struggling because their paperless (ECM) software vendor is having problems or was acquired.  For example, Alchemy was once an industry leader but for various reasons, it was struggling and was acquired by Open Text.   Users were forced to convert to another Open Text product.  This was a very expensive proposition for […]

10 Easy Steps to Select an ECM – Paperless Solution

don't flip a coin to pick an paperless solution

Selecting an ECM or paperless solutions is probably not something you have done before.  And, probably something you will only do once in a lifetime – if you do it right the 1st time. I was put in the same situation you may find yourself.  I was asked by a client to help them find […]