What Every CAP and Non-Profit Should Know About Going Paperless

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      Destination Paperless What Every Community Action Agency and Non-Profit Should Know About Going Paperless Copyright 2019 by Larry M. Phelps Revision 3 All rights reserved     Adapted from Paper-mess to Paper-less by Larry M. Phelps Copyright 2012, 2013 by Larry M. Phelps ISBN: 978-1-62050-547-2 Table of Contents Introduction. 7 Note to […]

Going Paperless – Will your staff adopt it?

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Implementing a big change like going more paperless in your office can be a challenge.  Your staff has natural tendencies on how they adopt changes.  Some people love change others, hate change.  It helps as a leader to know how each person approaches change. Here is an article I wrote that will help you understand […]