Associated Grocers originated in 1950 with 17 founding member stores. Today they have a membership of over 200 independent retailers in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

In the beginning, they just provided combined buying power to member-retailers. But in today’s market,  member-retailers require more services. Now they provide a full offering of retail operations support and solutions. This including procurement, retail services, and support, information services, marketing, advertising, store development, retail systems, retail accounting, creative and print services, all tailored to member needs.

They are one of the finest retail operations support centers. The corporate headquarters is in Baton Rouge, LA.

Over the years the volume of invoices increased significantly. AP clerks spent valuable time shuffling stacks of paper invoices.  The AP process had become so paper-intensive and time-consuming that they decided that it was time to go paperless in their accounts payable department.  They selected Laserfiche ECM, a paper solution to help them streamline their accounts payable process and eliminate paper in their operation.

Here is what they said about their paperless solution.
“Laserfiche helped us go from a paper-driven accounts payable department to a nearly paperless department.  Documents no longer need to printed, shuffled around, and filed.  Instead, they are simply uploaded to Laserfiche”.

Here an article where they share their results and even some very technical details.

Results of Streamline Accounts Payable

AP clerks can easily work invoices and review payments directly from the digital copy in Laserfiche—saving time and resulting in a more efficient process”.