Laserfiche Workflow – Powerful Tool to Automate Business Processes

Laserfiche workflow

Laserfiche Workflow automates routine tasks in an organization while being flexible enough to handle the unexpected

  • Create automated workflows with an intuitive, graphical design tool
  • Integrate with a wide variety of enterprise applications to run repeatable processes
  • Trigger document changes from activity in line-of-business applications like CRM, GIS, ERP, and others
  • Apply trusted digital signatures to a document, as well as delete and retrieve information from them
  • Automatically import PDF forms into Laserfiche, retrieve information from PDF fields and map them to Laserfiche fields

Simple example using Laserfiche Workflow


Here is an in-depth tutorial on Laserfiche Workflow.

Laserfiche Workflow is a flexible, easy-to-use framework for automating and optimizing business processes organization-wide. A key component of the Laserfiche platform, Laserfiche Workflow enables you to automatically route documents, spreadsheets, e-mail messages and other types of content among staff members.

Because your staff has instant access to the information they need, they work more effectively, complete projects more quickly and make better-informed decisions. These productivity gains rapidly translate into lower overhead costs, more responsive customer service and a stronger competitive edge.