Laserfiche 10.2.1 includes many new features and enhancements across the Laserfiche suite that allow you to work with your information more easily and efficiently. But, one of the most interesting enhancements if the addition of Forms Essentials.  It is  included with Laserfiche 10.2.1 or greater at no charge.


Forms is now available in two editions: Forms Essentials and Forms Professional.  Forms Essential contains core features necessary to design processes and forms.  Forms Professional contains the complete Forms feature package, including data lookups, the performance dashboard, reporting options, and support for payment gateways. Forms Essentials is now automatically included for all users whose installations include Laserfiche Workflow; users who were licensed for Laserfiche Forms in the past will now have Forms Professional.


In addition, Laserfiche Forms is now supported with Laserfiche United and Laserfiche Team installations.


Here is a table showing the difference between the two versions of forms:


Feature Forms




Business process and form creation functionality             X            X
Operational Dashboard             X             X
View basic reports on process instances, tasks, and process data             X             X
Teams             X             X
Direct approval through email             X             X
Database lookups              X
Performance Dashboard              X
Enhanced reporting with built-in data aggregation options such as count, sum, min, max, average, and median              X
Create advanced reports with data visualizations including chats and graphs              X
Payment Gateway              X