We have many Laserfiche training options and opportunities.

laserfiche higher educationAdmin technical training – 2 hours

Administration Product training – up to 4 hours

Full User Training – up to 8 hours

Workflow – up to 8 hours

Forms – up to 8 hours

We are available for additional training at our standard billable rate.

Laserfiche Annual Conference – Training

We often have funds to cover the tuition for one customer staff member to attend the Laserfiche Empower conference.  This is the Laserfiche largest training event.

Laserfiche Empower

Laserfiche Regional Training

Also, typically once a year Laserfiche has a week-long training event held in the Minneapolis area. There will be a cost to these sessions.

Laserfiche Regional Training

Laserfiche Training Videos

You have access to over 300 training videos on the Laserfiche support site.

Laserfiche Answers

In addition, you will have access to Laserfiche Answers, a community-based support site where you can get a question answered and get advice from experienced users.

Laserfiche Answers


We also offer mentoring training opportunities. Where we pair an experience Laserfiche engineer with one of our staff to build out one of your business processes.  This service is billable at our standard rate.

Laserfiche Certification Training

Laserfiche Aspire Training Platform