Spring Training

Spring is almost here, and do you know what that means? Yes, spring training. Baseball.

Years ago, I had a young man who worked for me that counted down the days until spring training started. He traveled to Florida at least a couple of times to catch a few games.

I didn’t really understand it. Weren’t 162 Twins games in regular MLB season enough? And if you wanted to watch all the teams, that’s a total of 2,430 games, plus the postseason.

But he said that spring training was extremely important. It was where the players made sure they were in shape and honed their skills for the upcoming season. Therefore, it determined how well they would do in the upcoming days.

You may be wondering what does baseball have to do with you and Laserfiche?

Well, spring training is coming up for you too!

Laserfiche is scheduled to come to Minneapolis to do some intermediate training.  The dates are from April 28th to May 1st. A location has not been specified yet. But, it will be in the seven-county metro area.

The classes they are brought to Minneapolis this year is:

  1. Forms and Workflow I: Accelerated Overview
  2. Laserfiche Forms and Workflow II: Automating Processes
  3. Forms and Workflow III: Creating Automated Solutions
  4. System and Content Administration

Each class will cost $500. You can find more details is you click on the links above.

But, there’s more!

Laserfiche Online Regional Training

We know some of you would have to travel quite a way to attend a class. And this is a big obstacle for you.  So, you are in luck. Laserfiche has a new online training format that includes access to a separate training portal where you will have your own Laserfiche environment to learn. In addition, the instructor can join your session and assist with any questions you have.

This seems like the ultimate training experience!

The Laserfiche training classes will be $500 each and will be limited to 15 people. And, it is scheduled for March 17th to the 20th. And details can be found in the links above.

I hope you take advantage of this spring training opportunity and get in shape for the upcoming season there at your work.

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