Laserfiche Smart Invoice Capture

Laserfiche Smart Invoice Capture

Overview of Laserfiche Smart Invoice Capture

Laserfiche Smart Invoice Capture uses machine learning technology to capture information from any invoice, in any format, without requiring custom invoice templates. Available in Laserfiche Cloud, smart invoice capture used alongside existing process automation capabilities will enable more streamlined accounts payable solutions by reducing costs, improving efficiency and minimizing fraud. It is a new type of capture profile that is prebuilt and can be called upon directly as part of workflows for more streamlined end-to-end solution.

Advantages of Laserfiche Smart Invoice Capture

  • Accurately capture invoice information: Easily extract common invoice information including invoice date, PO number, invoice number, and total due.


  • Faster ROI: Implement AP solutions more quickly without requiring custom design effort to recognize invoices of different formats.


  • Boost productivity: Minimize error-prone data entry by automatically pushing invoice data to third party applications using workflows and Robotic process automation (RPA).


  • Protect against fraud: Automatically validate invoice data against previously approved PO
    s to identify any discrepancies.


  • Improve cash flow: Shorten payment cycles and avoid late fees by automating reminders and
    streamlining payment processing.


  • Reduce manual data entry: This solution will reduce data entry by 80%.

Disadvantages of Laserfiche Smart Invoice Capture

  • Does Not Capture Vendor: If you notice it the image above, the vendor name, vendor id, or vendor address is not captured. And must be entered manually. 


  • Laserfiche Cloud Only: This option is only available on Laserfiche Cloud. On-premise clients would have to move to a hybrid installation, where they would use both their on-premise and a Laserfiche Cloud account.


How can Laserfiche AP Automation be seen in action?

  1. Demo: If you would like to see a demo of Invoice Capture, please click on the schedule button below.
  2.  Case Study: If you would like to see a case study of the City of St Charles and how using Laserfiche invoice capture was used in their organication. They successfully reduced their invoice processing time by 80% with the help of Laserfiche. This case study showcases the practical application of the software in a government setting, demonstrating its efficiency and effectiveness in streamlining accounts payable processes.  You can see it here  Read Case Study
  3. Try it out. You can test it by uploading one of your invoices here Try it

Can Laserfiche Smart Capture work on hand written invoices?

Yes, Laserfiche Smart Capture can capture critical data off of hand written invoices. Although the accuracy is not as good as invoice generated on a computer. 

Does smart capture require custom invoice templates?

No, smart capture does not require custom invoice templates to capture information from invoices in any format.

Is smart capture limited to capturing information from specific types of invoices?

No, most invoice formats work well with this solution.

Alternative Solution

If you think Laserfiche Invoice Capture is too limited for your situation, we have another capture solutions that:

  • Works with On-Premise Laserfiche: If you currently have a on-premise Laserfiche solution and are not interested in going hybrid (adding a LF Cloud account). For many this seems like it complicates everything.
  • Captures Account Information: Capturing invoice total, invoice date, invoice number and a few more fields is really nice. But, for many people the fact that you have to manually enter the vendor name and vendor id seems like a waste of time if the goal is to automate your AP process. 
  • Invoice Approval: Automatically routes your invoices to the proper people to approve before they are processed.
  • Integrates With Your Accounting Software: Once your data is captured and approved, it can be pushed into your ERP system. No, this really save you time. 
  • Customizable: Can be tailored to match your exact AP process.
Laserfice Cloud Minnesota and Missouri

What’s included:

  • Laserfiche Web Client
  • Scan and capture capability
  • Laserfiche Connector for easy integrations to line-of-business applications
  • Audit Trail
  • Records Management
  • Laserfiche Forms
  • Import Agent
  • Microsoft Office Integration

Advantages of Laserfiche Cloud:

  • No upfront capital expense for hardware and software
  • Scalable and Flexible
  • No Installation cost
  • Better security
  • No utility cost for power and electric
  • Capabilities of Laserfiche on-premise solution
  • No maintenance cost
  • Automatic software updates keep you on the most up to date version
  • No worrying about backup and disaster recovery.
  • AES 256 bit encryption in transit and at rest
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Hosted on Amazon AWS for redundancy, security, and, scalability

Overview of Laserfiche Cloud

Get employees, customers, contractors, and third parties using enterprise document management software, quickly and easily, with repositories that provide filtered, personalized views of files.

Laserfiche Cloud Document Management Capability

Laserfiche Cloud Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Update documents, add document annotations, redact confidential information, and change document metadata from a single interface
  • Rich Search: Instantly retrieve documents with quick and advanced search options tailored to individual users’ security rights
  • Robust Metadata: Add, view, and modify document metadata to index, search and retrieve documents

Laserfiche Cloud Document Capture Capability

Simplify document capture with multi-channel capture applications that capture paper and electronic files from multiple devices.

  • Scanning: Convert paper records to imaged files on demand using Laserfiche’s built-in scanning interface
  • Digital Capture: Reduce back-office work by saving to default folders with one click, auto-importing documents and automatically populating metadata
  • Electronic Document Capture: Connect your repository to productivity applications with built-in capture tools for Microsoft Office products
  • Mobile Capture: Turn photos taken on phones and tablets into searchable, secure documents
  • High-Volume Capture and Processing: Automate document identification, indexing, classification and filing in even the most paper-intensive environments
  • Automate Invoice Capture: Capture critical data such as invoice date, pp number, amount, and vendor from documents. This data can be used to eliminate data entry in your accounting software.

Replace Paper form with Electronic forms

  • Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be embedded on intranets or public websites
  • Turn multiple paper forms into one dynamic electronic form
  • Customize web forms to match your company’s branding
  • Reduce Data Entry
  • Enable Staff To Work from Anywhere
  • Ensure Data Integrity
  • Keep Tasks Moving Smoothly
Laserfiche Forms replaces paper forms with web based forms

Accelerate Review and Approval

  • Eliminate administrative tasks like manually routing information, filling out forms and following up on approvals
  • Streamline form processing and review with automated routing and notifications
  • Enable simultaneous review and approval by routing electronic forms to multiple users
Laserfiche Forms approval process

Manage Approvals

  • Consolidate task management with centralized task lists
  • Evaluate employee workloads using dashboards and visualizations
  • Track exactly how long it takes to process each form and identify any bottlenecks in the process

Quickly Automate Forms-Based Processes

  • Download prebuilt forms and process diagrams for a variety of common business processes
  • Modify common forms-based processes such as travel request, expense reimbursement, and building maintenance request to fit your specific requirements, with just a few clicks

Laserfiche Cloud Integration Capability

Save time and resources by combining the information and functionality from business applications with Laserfiche.

  • Laserfiche Connector: Integrate Laserfiche with third-party applications like ERP, CRM, and GIS with one click using Laserfiche Connector, a code-free integration tool
  • Hemingway Solutions Custom Integration: We have developed many of our own Integrations in the Community Action community, Finance, and businesses using Microsoft SQL, obscure or rarely used databases.
  • Laserfiche Marketplace: Browse hundreds of pre-built integrations to connect Laserfiche with core applications, including Salesforce, Laser App, DocuSign, SIGNiX and more

Laserfiche Cloud Security

  • Automatic Auditing: Automatically generate reports of user actions, document access and modifications
  • Granular System Security: Control user actions and document access down to the metadata level
  • Records Management: Enforce records management policies across all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • AES 256 bit Encryption: Ensuring that data is secure in transit and at rest
  • Multi-factor authentication: For increased security and compliance
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery: Automated backup daily powered by Amazon Web Services

Laserfiche Cloud Pricing

Laserfiche is a cost-effective enterprise content solution. It has a simple price per month per user pricing model. And it is priced about what you would expect to pay for a cell phone plan. If you would like a price on Laserfiche, please contact us.