Are you sometimes frustrated when you do a simple search (**) in Laserfiche that too many documents match your search criteria?
If so, you might benefit from learning how to limit your search to a specific folder.  Laserfiche Searching Within a Specific Folder quite easy.

If you have opted for on-demand video Laserfiche Training, you can simply go to Training Center For Laserfiche and log in. I suggest that you watch the following videos:
•Perform a Search Within a Folder
•Perform a Text Search

If you are new to Laserfiche, the Client Overview will be a good video for you to watch.
If you have not opted in for the Laserfiche Training Center and would like move information,
click here for more details.

Let me give you an example to show you how this search works. For example if you were looking for word “antivirus” in a document for the client Gage & Gage.

Here’s a suggestion for a more refined search:
1.Click on the Magnifier Glass to Search
2.Click on Customize Search. Choose Within Folder and Text from the Customize Search Menu then click the Close button at the bottom of the Customize Search Menu
3.Browse for the Gage & Gage client folder
4.Enter your search phrase (antivirus) in the text field and make sure Fuzzy search is turned on
5.Your search results will be much shorter in the results panel. Highlight one of your search results
6.A preview showing where your search term appears in the context panel below the search results panel
Laserfiche Searching Within a Specific Folder