Industry expert, Gartner, Inc. recently announced the winner of its Best Content Services Platforms (CSP) of 2020. This is an important award because it bases on reviews by verified customers. Gartner uses its Peer Insights Customer’s Choice review platform to polls users of CSP systems. It hosts more than 255,000 verified customer reviews across 355 defined markets. Gartner recognizes the vendors that are the highest rated by their customers.

Laserfiche wins awardLaserfiche Earns the Highest Average Score

Laserfiche’s Content Services Platform (CSP) received 129 verified reviews, with the highest average rating of 4.7 stars. All the reviews given were four and five stars. 76 percent of its reviews were 5 stars and 22 percent were 4 stars. Laserfiche received a higher score than its closest competitors, Adobe and Microsoft. Which both earned an average score of 4.6 stars. Laserfiche was also named a challenger in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms.

What is Content Service Platform?

Gartner defines Content Services Platforms (CSP) as an integrated platform that provides content-focused services. They say it is used for document management, back-office processes, business process applications, records management, and team productivity. And it has its own repository. CSPs have web, desktop, and mobile app interfaces.

Are you confused?

Are you thinking, isn’t that what people call ECM systems? Yes, you are correct. And CSP and ECM is not the only thing this technology is called. It seems that every year or two someone comes out with a new title for this paperless software. Document Imaging was what we called it when I first started working on this technology over 25 years ago. But over the years this paperless office has many titles such as:

They two most common titles for this paperless software technology used today is ECM or Document Management System. But, don’t get too comfortable with them because I think more titles for this technology are coming. Because this technology is constantly evolving. Many call this digital transformation.

Document Management Software is Changing

In the fast few years, this paperless software technology has been rapidly changing. Aimed at helping make people more productive. The advent of powerful electronic forms processing allows data to be captured from users. And then it automates the processing of the form according to the organization’s business process. In addition, paperless systems can capture critical data more accurately using artificial intelligence. This is important to better capture critical data on documents that arrive as paper. And, now robotic process automation technology helps automate manual processes.

When paperless software systems evolve, experts try to come up with terms that better explain the new capability of these systems.

Laserfiche Reviews – Laserfiche ECM Customers Ratings

Now that we understand the technology that customers were reviewing, let’s get back to hearing what Laserfiche customers said about the product.

“Laserfiche works hard to be your partner with a superior product in tow!”

— Deputy County Executive/CIO in the Government Industry

“We find Laserfiche to be very responsive to our needs and able to determine viable solutions for our requirements. The core product is robust and flexible enough to configure to meet very specific business needs.”

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“Laserfiche, a product you can trust and provide a one stop solution!”

— Systems Manager in the Retail Industry

“Laserfiche has provided our Company an all in one package which is so flexible and can integrate with any system. The system is very user friendly and users are enjoying the ease of access of documents and especially the way Laserfiche forms transformed our digitization space within the office.”

Full ECM review

“Intuitive implementation for non-developer types”

— North American Quality Manager in the Transportation Industry

“Laserfiche is a well thought out and robust software package that is easy for the layman to pick up and run with. With no direct development experience, I was able to completely build and automate former paper and manual processes to reduce and eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies while digitizing a process in order to enhance disaster recovery abilities.”

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“Laserfiche has opened a way to process automation and leverage our digital transformation”

— Data Architect in the Finance Industry

“Laserfiche allowed us to move from a content manager/repository solution that have become obsolete and whose upgrading costs where high for us and required a full-fledged migration. Upgrading the solution would have imposed us with increased operation costs and would have left us with a solution with less functionalities that we had in the previous version.”

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“Laserfiche is a robust ECM that, if developed, can streamline office productivity.”

— Knowledge Specialist in the Government Industry

“The Laserfiche software is a robust ECM that, if developed, can streamline office productivity and data storage/organization. I find developing in the Forms portal to be easy for average users to grasp and build simple processes.”

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“Laserfiche Has Helped Us Achieve our Business Process Automation Goals”

— Technical Solutions Manager in the Government Industry

“Our organization began using Laserfiche within the Office of General Counsel in 2005. We adopted Laserfiche Rio as an enterprise wide content service platform in 2013. Our initial projects were focused on “going paperless”. We found Laserfiche to be an excellent electronic content management platform.”


“Laserfiche: Implementation and Collaboration Made Easy”

— LF Administrator in the Government Industry

“Laserfiche has managed to create a collaboration instead of just a product. They create the product but they have also created a user collaboration by providing a platform for user/creators to talk and share knowledge, discuss problems and tall about future requests. To me this is what Laserfiche does best.”

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“Laserfiche, the answer to “How can we work smarter, not harder?”

— Applications  in the Education Industry

“From the initial meeting Laserfiche has answered “We can do that!” to almost every question we asked. We began our journey looking for a document storage answer as we were looking to purchase 4 MORE (we already had 7) fireproof file cabinets (at approx. $3,000.00 a piece) when we found Laserfiche. We quickly realized how much more there was to offer and how wonderfully Laserfiche would fit into our business.”

Laserfiche ECM review

“LaserFiche saves staff hours by organizing our information for easy retrieval.”

— IT Manager in the Government Industry

“We have used LaserFiche for nearly 20 years. It’s helped us reduce our necessity for filing cabinets which allows us to staff more employees in the same space. LaserFiche is also instrumental with our open records requests by saving staff countless hours looking for documents. It has because as important to us as email.”


“The system is intuitive and it is easy to roll out the basics to provide value.”

— Head of IT in the Finance Industry

“The vendor is responsive, in our experience, one of the few large vendors of this size that will directly respond to a smallish firm within a reasonable timeline and actually try and resolve the issue. All queries are responded to in a timely and professional manner. Implementation of the systems was relatively painless (as opposed to our expectations), and this was due to…”

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“Very easy implementation; User acceptance high; Licensing model could be better”

— Manager, Documents & Records in the Education Industry

“Laserfiche for us is an all-in-one content services platform that fulfills our needs for e-forms, workflow, document management & records management. It’s easy to use interface – both from an end-user perspective and a system admin perspective have made it very easy to roll out the solution in our environment. User acceptance is extremely high.”


“A SWIFT Upgrade in 2019…Click…Next….Click…..Go…”

— Project Manager in the Manufacturing Industry

“We recently upgraded from version 8.x to 10.4 and considering other Enterprise ECM applications, Laserfiche was pretty swift and it’s not skilled dependent. Laserfiche has been operationally supported by our team internally and while we have data size of 5 TB + our support calls have been around 4 to 5 annually which results in application support.”

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“Exceptional Upgrade Service!”

— AVP, Application Development in the Finance Industry

“We have been using Laserfiche for years. We initially implemented it because we required customized workflows that we could create and alter internally and at the time Laserfiche was the only vendor that really supplied this and we have been using them since. They also continue support for their products forever.”

Complete ECM Review

“Enhanced Operational results and Customer experience”

— Director in the Services Industry

“The implementation of Laserfiche brought results in key indicators such as service delivery time, cost savings and most importantly customer experience.”

Paperless Software Review

“Powerful workflow automation, document management, scanning solution”

— Business Intelligence Director in the Manufacturing Industry

“We have not run into any issues that could not be resolved either by training or by getting assistance from our VAR (who has only had to open one ticket with Laserfiche). The Laserfiche software is powerful, intuitive, and very configurable.”

Document Management Software Review

“Great product, great people, and great results”

— VP in the Finance Industry

“As the bank has grown rapidity, operation back office had a very hard time keeping up with the business growth. Laserfiche is able to take our business requirements and deigned solutions to help the bank better managing the operation back office. Laserfiche not only helped us run more effectively, but also help us better comply with internal and external…”

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“Great software, had a technically difficult replacement project but has been a real win”

— Technical Services Supervisor in a Miscellaneous Industry

“Our experience with Laserfiche has been very good. We implemented it to replace a very old, unsupported records management system that we had limping along for years. It was a technically challenging upgrade but it did eventually work out.”

ECM Review

“Phenomenal User Adoption”

— Executive – IT in the Construction Industry

“The 40%+ growth rate of the organization required us to have a proven IT infrastructure and Solutions in place. We started using Laserfiche in April 2019 and we were surprised with the ease of adoption solution showed while our organization was still working on Process Re-engineering. Infact insights from Laserfiche has helped us to create visibility while our users…”

Records Management Review

“Laserfiche ECM Solution Experience”

— Technical Architect in the Miscellaneous Industry

“Laserfiche is a powerful set of tools that can be configured to satisfy any business scenario. Laserfiche listens to their user community and seeks to engage them in order to provide solution enhancements.”


“Laserfiche; The best choice to achieve digital workplace and applications integration”

— ICT Manager – Systems in the Government Industry

“Laserfiche software has completely transformed our mode of work from massive use of papers to paperless correspondences and payments processing. The platform has helped our organization avoid silos of systems by covering most part of functionalities that would require separate applications. The best part have been the integration with our …”

Digital Transformation Review

“Laserfiche is an toolbox of opportunity, but needs well-experienced builders.”

— Technology Engineer/Project Manager in the Government Industry

“Laserfiche has given our organization very powerful tools to digitize and improve processes for our users.”

“Great product, great support.”

— IT Analyst in the Government Industry

“Product is as advertised and support is excellent. Actual developers, product managers, and VARS actively patrol the forums providing timely responses. Service reps provide connections, success stories, welcomed advice and viable solutions at no additional cost.”

Laserfiche Product Review

“Implementing Laserfiche has enabeld us to innovate faster.”

— Jefe De Redes Empresariales in the Services Industry

“Our overall experience with Laserfiche has been very positive. Using Laserfiche our company has been able to digitalize and innovate in different processes.”

“laserfiche – The Best ECM Solution”

— Technical Manager in the Services Industry

“We have one of our clients who is a big firm in medical vertical. It has got almost more than 50 departments in itself. Each department has got its own process and guidelines to procure those processes.”


“Everytime we face a challenge we look at how Laserfiche could be used to solve it.”

— Process Improvement Analyst in the Miscellaneous Industry

“We started off using Laserfiche as document storage, and in the last 5 years have found more and more uses for their products from Workflows and Forms to our most recent purchase the SDK toolkit.”


“Save time & money with implementation of Laserfiche”

— Administrative Secretary in the Education Industry

This program has allowed us to create new efficient processes that have replaced traditional paper process where things get lost and cannot be tracked. We’ve saved thousands of dollars in employee time spent, now they can use that time focusing on our students and their success instead of paperwork and processes.

Laserfiche Educational Review

“Laserfiche is incredibly stable and the entire team outstanding”

— Business Process Technology Analyst in the Government Industry

“The product is extremely stable – rarely ever has performance issues if at all. The project team is super responsive, the sales team is amazing and also very responsive, and the support team is knowledgeable and personable. They really will bend over backwards to assist you in any way they can. We have not used the product to its full capabilities and they…”

Digital Transformation Review

“Made Accounts Payable more manageable”

— Accounting Team Leader in the Retail Industry

“They have responded well with requests in a timely manner. Mainstreaming approvals and changes in workflow processes has created efficiency with our organization.”


“Great RMS System”

— IT Analyst in the Government Industry

“Laserfiche has been actively maintained and developed. As an RMS, Laserfiche provides multiple ways to control and access documents, functioning for both the organization and external viewers.”

Records Management System Review

“Streamlined Accounts Payable”

— IT Manager in the Miscellaneous Industry

“Laserfiche has streamlined our Accounts Payable process. It saves us so much time and we are confident that your payable process is accurate.”

Paperless AP Review

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