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I. Introduction

Whether you are a long-time Laserfiche customer or are looking for paperless solutions, welcome. We would be excited to work with you. If you get to know us, you will find out that we love Laserfiche and love to help clients use it to become more efficient and effective.

A. Brief explanation of our relationship Laserfiche 

We have been a Laserfiche solution provider also called VAR (value-added reseller) for many, many years. We have developed several Laserfiche solutions that have won Laserfiche’s Run Smarter awards. And have been in their Winners Circle many times. You can find more details about Hemingway Solutions here:

Company Overview

Company History

10 Things We Do Better

B. What Laserfiche Consulting Services Do We Offer

II. Benefits of Hemingway’s Laserfiche Consulting Services

A. Increased efficiency and productivity

We love to work with organizations to help make their staff more efficient and effective. We have seen productivity improvements from 25% to as much as 110%.

B. Streamlining business processes

We have used Laserfiche Workflow, Forms, and AI technology to help many organizations streamline their business processes. A few examples are:

C. Improved document management

We have many organizations improve their document management including:

D. Enhances Security and Compliance

When organizations start out with an ECM solution they sometimes forget to think about security. Here are a few things we have helped our clients with:

E. Cost savings

This is one of our favorite subjects because we think Laserfiche can do some amazing things to save your organization time and money. It sometimes takes a little imagination to find uses for Laserfiche that will eliminate costly manual tasks. And these are our favorite projects.

Let me give you a couple of examples, we had an agriculture finance company that had a manual process where a staff member would review a document that was submitted for each loan. The farmer would list the various fields that they had and what type of crop they were planning to plant. And a person would read the document and calculate the total acres for each type of crop. As you can imagine the applications had no rhyme or reason, no two alike. When we talked to the person that did this analysis, she said that it would be impossible for a computer to do this, she had a hard time even training another employee to do it accurately. 

But we automated it anyway. And she was shocked because the Laserfiche workflow we build was able to take what would take her an hour and do it in seconds. She was skeptical but when we ran tests, the workflow actually was more accurate than she was. This workflow saved them hundreds of hours each year.

Another example is a public utility company that had an outsourced engineering company manually capture about 15 fields of information from handwritten asbuilt documents coming in from their installation staff. We used AI and Laserfiche workflow to automatically read the documents, capture the fields of data and do some data validation. This project saved them $100,000 per year.

If you have a costly, labor-intensive process, we would love to work with you to discover a way Laserfiche can help solve it.

If you would like to read more customer success stories you can go here.

III. Understanding Laserfiche Consulting Services

A. Definition of Laserfiche consulting services

We do small projects that take a few hours to large complex projects that can take up to a year to implement. All projects revolve around Laserfiche Enterprise Content software, whether self-hosted or cloud. But often will include other software or technologies such as a CRM, Accounting system, or AI technology.

B. Explanation of how the services billed

We offer:

C. Overview of the process

Discovery – initial assessment, consultation, initial scope, and pricing.

We follow a four-step software implementation process; Define, Design, Develop and Deliver

laserfiche consulting project

Define—We initiate the project by having a kickoff meeting. In that meeting, we will confirm objectives, and scope, and assign responsible parties and deliverables. We prefer that the client choose a primary contact who will be the main contact with Hemingway Solutions not only during the implementation but also during ongoing support. We find that when organizations do this, their internal product knowledge grows, and their support experience is much better.

Design—Project planning and finalizing the scope of work. All project details are defined such as folder structure, metadata, and any business process (forms and workflows) that need to be developed.

Develop—The software is installed, and configured, business processes are developed, and initial data conversion is done in preparation for deployment.

Deploy—Final data conversion. user training developed business processes tested and user acceptance testing.

Deliver—Go-live, hyper-care user support, project wrap-up, ongoing user training opportunities, ongoing support.

IV Considerations when Choosing a Laserfiche Consulting Partner

Here are a few suggestions on things to consider when hiring a Laserfiche consultant and our responses.

A. Experience and expertise in Laserfiche implementation

Mark and Larry each have over 20  years of experience implementing Laserfiche. And before that, we had many years of information technology experience and managing very large projects for very large companies. We both have over 10-year of experience with Laserfiche in the Cloud.

B. Ability to customize solutions based on specific business needs

We don’t offer canned solutions, each solution is tailored to your exact needs. We have proved our ability to do this with hundreds of projects for clients in a variety of industries.

C. Proven track record and client testimonials

We have more customer stories and testimonials than any other Laserfiche partners.  And you can find them here:

D. Availability of ongoing support and training

We have a long track record of supporting our Laserfiche client base. We love to mentor them. We offer to pay the tuition for our client to attend the Laserfiche Empower user conference each year.

VII. Conclusion

We would love to work with you, please reach out to Larry Phelps at 612-382-4069 (cell) or email at

I probably have said enough, so I will let my clients close us out.

“They are a company you can be creative with. They work with us as if they are a part of our company. The accounts payable workflow they created for us was comprehensive. and well done”. Thor Nelson, COO, Aspen Waste

“This has been the best software rollout experience I have ever had —- and I have launched a LOT of software programs (and written a few myself).”  Dee Bradshaw, Director of Purchasing, Community Health Centers

“I recommend Hemingway Solutions to everyone. They are the best Laserfiche VAR in our area. They have brought so much value to our fifteen-year relationship.” Dick Crumb, IT Manager, City of Shoreview

“Hemingway Solutions was willing to be on the phone, in our office, and in the field to accommodate any training needs we had with the staff.” Joy Graf, Energy Program Supervisor, Community Action Partnership Ramsey Washington

“We were very impressed with the amount of support we received during the complex migration from our legacy system. Their experience with Laserfiche and PeopleSoft in prior conversions meant they could give us all the help we needed.”  Corrie Kuester, IT, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“They integrated Laserfiche with our financial system and LOGIS GIS. It was amazing what they could in such a short time. Very cost-effective.”  Dean Busch, IT Manager, City of Ramsey

“The rapport your staff has with our administrative staff is a winning solution.” David Arcand, VP New Horizons Child Care

I rate them a 10 out of 10! They have been amazing to work with!” Rachel Perez, Corporate Counsel, Kid Quest

“Just do it!”  Corrine Schmidt, Administrator, NorthEast Residence