For several years Community Action of Hennepin County had been using Quickfields with cover sheets to automate the scanning of energy assistance application documents. This was much more effective than scanning the documents with standard Laserfiche (Community Action Software) scanning and manually entering the metadata.

But after improving other areas of their processes and reducing labor costs, it was time to look for ways to make the scanning more efficient. After trying several approaches, Mark Hemingway suggested that they look at using Laserfiche Connector. They agreed that it was worth a try.

Mark verified that it would work with the web-based Eheat application supplied to the CAP by the state of MN. Then he created a Laserfiche button that appeared on their Eheat application screen. When the user hit the Laserfiche button, LF Connector grabbed key information off the Eheat screen, initiated the scanning and populated the index fields with the data gathered from Eheat.

The users at the agency felt that it worked well for them and approved the purchase. Kim Schoen, Electronic Document Specialist said estimates that this will eliminate one full time scanner position. The ROI for the purchase of Laserfiche Connector will be about one month. That is quite a ROI!

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