Laserfiche 12

Laserfiche 12 is the latest version of the enterprise content management (ECM) and business process automation platform developed by Laserfiche. This updated release introduces several new features and enhancements to improve efficiency, security, and user experience. It is expected to be released in November 2024 with subsequent releases over the next year as they update other Laserfiche addons such as Import Agent and QuickFields.

We will probably wait a year for the product to mature before installing it for our clients.

One of the major releases is a new metadata designer with looks like Forms. It allows users to display metadata in a more user-friendly format.

My favorite feature they added is test mode for Laserfiche Forms. This allows you to develop and test forms without sending emails and tasks to users. It allows during the testing phase, you can sent emails and tasks to another user without changing the business process. For years we had to either SPAM users with test emails or change the email addresses in the forms process for testing and then remember to change them all back.

Some key improvements in Laserfiche 12 include expanded workflow automation capabilities, enhanced mobile accessibility, and improved integration with other business systems. The platform now offers more pre-built workflow templates to streamline common processes like accounts payable and HR onboarding.

Additionally, the mobile app has been redesigned to provide a more intuitive interface for accessing documents and completing tasks on-the-go.

Laserfiche 12 also boasts tighter integrations with popular productivity tools like Microsoft 365, allowing users to seamlessly access and manage content across multiple applications.

In terms of security and compliance, Laserfiche 12 introduces new features to help organizations maintain data privacy and meet regulatory requirements. This includes expanded audit logging, enhanced access controls, and improved support for electronic signatures.

Overall, the latest version of Laserfiche due to be released in Nov 24, aims to empower organizations to digitally transform their operations and drive greater efficiency through intelligent automation and centralized content management.

We are looking forward to watching the product mature and let all the early adopters find the bugs. We will probably look at starting using Laserfiche 12 in a year.