If you were wondering the latest version of Laserfiche is 10.3.  It introduces several new features to make it easier to work with documents in your repository, as well as numerous fixes.  Here is a list of the new features.

Simultaneous Co-authoring of Microsoft Office Documents

 The Laserfiche Document Co-Authoring Host for Microsoft Office provides an integration point with Microsoft Office Online Server to support simultaneous editing of Microsoft Office documents in a repository. To enable simultaneous coauthoring of Microsoft Office documents, you must have access to an Office Online Server, and you must also install the Laserfiche Document Co-Authoring Host for Microsoft Office. After installing the host service, use the Web Client Configuration site to enable simultaneous co-authoring.

Multi-Value Field Group Names

Administrators can now configure group names for multi-value field groups. The metadata display in the web client will display group names. Multi-value field group names are also supported in Quick Fields 10.3, Quick Fields Scanning 10.3, and Laserfiche Scanning 10.3.

Localized Template, Tag, and Field Names

 Administrators can use the new Language tab when viewing template, field, and tag properties to configure translated display names for template names, field names, and tags. When a web client language pack is in use, the web client will display the configured display names within the metadata pane instead of the original template name, field name, or tag. Localized template, tag, and field names are also supported in Laserfiche Scanning 10.3.

Redaction Reasons

The web client management page and Administration Console now allow administrators to define a set of redaction reasons. When applying a redaction, users can choose from the list of predefined reasons. The selected reason will be visible to all users when viewing the document.

Folder Browser Filtering Options

Right-click on the folder browser column headings to turn on additional filter options.

EML Email Format Support

The web client now features native support for EML email messages. Take advantage of email features in Laserfiche previously only available to MSG email messages.

Email Preview Pane

The folder browser preview pane can now display both MSG and EML email messages.

Laserfiche Forms 10.3 adds a wide-ranging set of features to the product. These include a new inbox layout, updates to the process designer, updates to the process designer, and new reporting options. This release also includes updates to processes and the process designer and an integration with Authorize.Net as a payment gateway.

Laserfiche Connector 10.3 includes new features that let you run workflows, start profiles from the command line, and edit profiles in the Profile Creation wizard. Users can also now review token values while a profile is running.

Laserfiche Import Agent 10.3 includes a new Email Archive component for automatically saving email messages to Laserfiche. Configure your email server to route emails you want to archive to the Laserfiche Email Archive service. Create Laserfiche Email Archive profiles to configure import rules for which emails to archive in Laserfiche. You can archive emails to multiple repositories based on various conditions. Additionally, Email Archive can extract and assign metadata to the emails saved in Laserfiche as well as extract and save attachments.