Are your employees frustrated each month when they need to fill out their expense reports?  Do your managers have to continually remind people to get their expense report turned in?  And does accounting complain about the wad of receipts stapled to the expense reports?

There is a much better way to handle this frustrating process.  We had developed a paperless expense documentation and reimbursement process using Laserfiche.  It allows you to stay paperless throughout the process, from receipt to approval to accounting.

Your staff will snap photos of receipts with their smart devices, attach the images to expenses, and toss away the piles of paper. Then, simply email the picture of their receipts to with the type of expense (IRS Classification): And amount (for example 28.00).

The email message is received and processed by a Laserfiche Workflow Rule. The Laserfiche Workflow Rule checks to ensure the category found in the subject line is valid, it verifies the amount is within established parameters, it compares the submission to prevent duplicates, and it builds multiple spreadsheets for finance and individuals every month. Spreadsheets are constantly updated all month with a final month-end break.

Also, the Laserfiche Workflow rule routes a Laserfiche Link of the incoming expense to the appropriate supervisor via email. The supervisor then has the ability to click on the link right from the notification taking them straight to the receipt for review, to approve or deny the expense.

This solution enables you to process expenses throughout the entire month, instead of the typical month-end mess. Workflow dynamically builds reports for both users and administrators.

At the end of each month, Finance merely moves the data in the spreadsheet into their system and takes a relaxing coffee break.

Advantages of our automated expense report system:

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