We are collaborating Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting to offer you a 50% discount on how do you effectively supervise a remote workforce.

Wed., June 24, 2020 (Noon-2:00 p.m. Central Time)
Zoom Meeting (the link will be sent to registrants)

Training Description

Concerns about COVID-19 are intensifying the need to effectively utilize a remote workforce. Some organizations and businesses have successfully utilized remote employees for many years, while others are very new to this practice. How do you effectively supervise a remote workforce? What are the appropriate responsibilities for staff newly working from home due to Covid-19? How do you create trust, provide consistent communication, ensure accountability, and help meet the team,  interpersonal, and social needs of remote employees? And, how do you guarantee all employees access to your electronic organizational and client files? This workshop discusses the chain of both command and support, supervision strategies, the need for effective technology and tools, keeping remote employees engaged as team members, and communication, communication, communication! Grab your lunch and join your colleagues and Larry Phelps of Hemingway Solutions and Becky Schueller of Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting for this Zoom Meeting. An attendance certificate will be provided upon request.

Intended Audience

This workshop is appropriate for all who supervise and support remote employees, including program managers and coordinators, CFOs, HR & operations directors, and executive directors/presidents/CEOs, who want to provide high-quality staff support while ensuring high-quality service delivery. Health and human services directors and managers, maintenance and transportation supervisors, financial services managers, county auditors, school principals, community college deans, and business professionals have valued this training.

About Your Trainers

Larry Phelps and Hemingway Solutions specialize in paperless office solutions,
which is ideal for remote work environments. The company promises you an
excellent software rollout, set-up, and training experience. Visit
www.hemingwaysolutions.net for more information.

Becky Schueller has three decades of experience working with national, urban, and rural nonprofits, community groups, tribal organizations, and small businesses. In addition to 30+ years of management, leadership, & supervisory experience with nonprofits, Becky served multiple community agencies in Chicago and Minnesota in Board, staff, committee, volunteer, and consultant roles. She worked for the Chicago Foundation for Women supervised an all-Cambodian refugee staff and served at the YMCA of the USA. Becky’s most recent long-term staff role was serving as Executive Director for Evergreen Youth & Family Services in Bemidji from 2001-2017. She supervised three facility sites during this time.

Please visit www.bemidjiconsulting.com for training opportunities, nonprofit
resources, Becky’s blog, and information on consulting services. Visit Becky’s
business Facebook page for grant and job announcements and community event

To Register

Please visit www.bemidjiconsulting.com/trainings and scroll
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Registrations are $25 per participant (plus a Pay Pal fee of $1.05, for a total
cost of $26.05) for Hemingway Solutions clients. The fee for other registrants is $50
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Please contact Becky at Becky@Bemidjiconsulting.com.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that all registrations are final upon submission. A substitute may be assigned at any time. While there are no refunds for cancellations, you are welcome to participate in a future Zoom training for no additional fee.

A Note About Electronic Meeting Best Practices

Please plan to participate in this electronic meeting from a private room at your workplace or home and not your vehicle. Participants who call in from a vehicle will be muted to protect sound quality for other registrants. If you don’t have access to a private room, headphones are recommended to minimize external noise and movement that may affect sound quality. No camera required!

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