I was talking to an executive director of a CAP agency the other day had she asked how much time does going paperless save an organization like hers.

I remembered a study done by Price Waterhouse a well respected consulting firm.

They conducted a study to measure how effective going paperless was.

In the study, they searched over 10,000 documents looking for a specific topic, author, and date range.

A manual search of paper files performed by a staff of paralegals took 67 hours and found 15 documents.

The same search, performed using a paperless solution like Laserfiche, required 4.5 seconds and found 20 documents.

The time differential between 67 hours and 4.5 seconds is compelling, but many managers will be more concerned about the five documents that were missed in the manual search.

We have seen that the rapid search has helped our CAP Agencies but even more impactful is the workflow capability that servers caseworkers with the next document they need to work on.  This capability has the same effect that Henry Ford’s assembly line had on the manufacturing process.

If you have questions about going paperless or would like to see it in action.  Please reach out to me.

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