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Introduction to Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies (CAAs) are organizations that aim to help people in need within a community. They provide various services such as help paying gas and electric bills, housing assistance, food programs, childcare, and job training to support individuals and families facing challenges.

Community Action Agencies work closely with local governments, non-profit organizations, and businesses to address community needs effectively. These agencies play a crucial role in promoting social and economic well-being by advocating for change and offering resources to empower those they serve.

Challenges faced by Community Action Agencies

Community Action Agencies face various challenges in their day-to-day operations. Some of these challenges include limited funding, inadequate resources, complex reporting requirements, lack of adequate staffing, and a high demand for services.

Additionally, navigating bureaucratic procedures and ensuring compliance with regulations can be time-consuming and overwhelming for staff members. Limited staffing often compounds these challenges, making it difficult to meet the needs of the community effectively.

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Importance of Business Efficiency Solutions

Efficient business solutions can help Community Action Agencies serve more people effectively. When agencies streamline their processes, they can save time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core mission of helping the community. With efficient solutions in place, agencies can improve productivity, enhance communication, and better allocate their resources where they are needed most. This translates to a greater impact on the community and enables the agency to achieve its goals more effectively.

Implementing Business Efficiency Solutions in Agencies

Business efficiency solutions can greatly benefit community action agencies by helping them streamline their operations and improve their overall effectiveness. By implementing these solutions, agencies can automate tasks, reduce manual errors, and enhance their decision-making processes. This can lead to better resource allocation, improved service delivery, and a more responsive approach to community needs. Key benefits of implementing business efficiency solutions in agencies include:

    • Automation of tasks to save time and reduce errors.
    • Enhances decision-making processes.
    • Improves resource allocation.
    • Better service delivery to the community.
    • A more responsive approach to community needs.
    • Enables staff to answer questions a client may have with the status of their application immediately because their information is readily available.
    • Reduces paper clutter on people’s desks.
    • Reduce stress.
    • Ensures that all applications are processed correctly and follow the organization’s policy and procedures.
    • Eliminates all the time searching for clients’ paper documents.
    • Reduce new employee training requirements.

Advantages of Efficiency Solutions for Community Action Agencies

Efficiency solutions can streamline operations in community action agencies, leading to improved services for those in need. These solutions help agencies optimize their resources, reduce manual tasks, and enhance communication among staff members. By implementing efficiency solutions, these agencies can effectively manage their programs, track progress, and make informed decisions to better serve their communities.

Key technologies for Improving CAP Agency Efficiency

Paperless and automation software is the key technology for improving agency efficiency. It can streamline repetitive tasks and free up time for more important work. We use Laserfiche ECM to store applications and all associated paperwork. And we Laserfiche Workflow to automate business processes such as:

  • Energy Assistance Application Processing (LiHEAP)
  • Weatherization process
  • Housing and Rental Assistance approval process
  • Head Start onboarding
  • Accounts Payable automation
  • Head Start weekly reports
  • Travel voucher/expense approval process
  • And many more CSBG approval processes

Cloud computing is another valuable tool that enables agencies to access resources and data remotely, fostering collaboration and flexibility. If an agency wishes, its paperless solution can be in the cloud rather than on local servers maintained by the CAP agency.

Data analytics can provide valuable insights for decision-making, helping agencies optimize their processes and resources. We offer custom-built dashboards that help CAP directors track application processing and staff productivity.

Mobile solutions allow agency staff to work on the go, increasing productivity and responsiveness to community needs. This is especially useful for Weatherization departments where they have staff go onsite to audit and inspections.

Remote solutions allow staff members who are located in remote offices to be able to view and process applications as though they were in the main office

Training and support for agency staff

An important factor in getting the benefits from business efficiency solutions is training. When you purchase a solution make sure that it is easy for the users to understand and use. One of the reasons we use Laserfiche to help CAP agencies go paperless is how easy the user interfacce is to use. Also make sure to include enough training for the user to get up to speed. One other thing that helps greatly with training is to automate your business processes with workflow. That way you just have to train your user on their part in the process. And the software will handle the transition to the next person in the process automatically.

Monitoring and measuring the impact of efficiency solutions

To understand how efficiency solutions benefit Community Action Agencies, it is essential to monitor and measure their impact. Keeping track of the changes helps agencies see the improvements brought about by these solutions. Here’s a breakdown to highlight the importance:

  1. Monitoring: Regularly observing the implemented efficiency solutions allows agencies to track progress over time.
  2. Measuring: Quantifying the impact helps agencies understand the direct benefits gained from these solutions.
  3. Analysis: Delving into the data collected allows for a deeper understanding of the effectiveness and areas that may require further improvement.

By monitoring and measuring the impact of efficiency solutions, Community Action Agencies can assess their effectiveness and make informed decisions for future enhancements.

Hemingway Solutions builds custom dashboards to help departments such as Energy Assistance, and Weatherization, monitor their progress on application processing and also monitor the productivity of their staff. You will find an example dashboard on this page

Streamline Operations

By having a paperless solution that automates business processes such as energy assistance and a dashboard to monitor progress, the agency can begin tweaking its processes to improve the efficiency of its staff. We have seen agencies improve the productivity of their staff by 30% to over 100% by implementing Laserfiche ECM automating their business process and tweaking their processes for maximum efficiency.

Case Studies and Testimonials

“By digitizing applications and automating the approval process with Laserfiche workflow, we have significantly improved crisis response time.  They did an amazing job working with our staff.”

Catherine Fair

 Senior Director, Programs and Technology Innovation

Community Action Partnership Ramsey Washington

“Files everywhere.  People’s desks were piled high.  Underneath their desks were piled high.  A misplaced file could take hours to find. Now with Laserfiche we have no paper files and finding a file takes just moments.”

Cindy Hamilton

Electronic Document Management Systems Coordinator

Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin


“When I needed an old finance report, I would have to search for it among 30 banker boxes. Now, those reports are available with the click of his mouse. You just can’t imagine how you appreciate that time savings when you’re busy.”

Win Grandstrand

Finance Director

Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin

“We are assured that we process every application according to our policies and procedures no matter who works on it by using Laserfiche Workflow.”

Robin Tousley

EAP Administrative Coordinator

Community Action Partnership Hennepin County

“One of the great benefits of Hemingway Solutions is their institutional knowledge of our agency, and Community Action Agency processes. They know the CAP programs’ language and we don’t need to spend a lot of time playing catch up on what’s going on if updates are needed.”

Katie McLemore

Applications Analyst

Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties


 “I am totally amazed on how a simple Laserfiche workflow could make our energy assistance approval so much more efficient – we are about twice as efficient as we were before Laserfiche”  

Chris Larson

IT Director

Kootasca Community Action


“Great to work with, very responsive to our needs. And Laserfiche Workflow they created for us has helped us be more responsive to our client’s needs.”

Pam Wild

Energy Assistance Director

Minnesota Valley Action Council


We increased productivity in our Energy Assistance department by 129% in one year using the Laserfiche Workflow Hemingway Solutions created for us.

Robin Tousley

EAP Administrative Coordinator

Community Action Partnership Hennepin County

“In an effort to be more efficient and effective, the Agency made the decision to go paperless and EAP developed workflow processes utilizing Laserfiche scanning software. This software allows us to work on applications from any of our offices.”  From 50 Year Anniversary Booklet  

Liz Kuoppala

Executive Director

Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership


“Laserfiche saves our staff so much time.” 

Rand Clark

Community Services Supervisor

Douglas County, CO

“This year we eliminated our off-site storage. Now, it is all in Laserfiche and we can access any document in seconds.”

Jeni Arndt

IT Director

Scott Carver Dakota Community Action



“Laserfiche has made processing applications much easier in the workflow. You can track information and store specific files to assigned locations. Maintaining an effective internal control over the workflow; as well as accountability in the process.”

Michael Yarbrough

Energy Assistance Case Worker

Community Action Partnership Hennepin County



If you would like to read more customer testimonials, watch customer interviews, or read case studies, you can find them at this link:

Customer Stories | Your Laserfiche Solutions Partner (

Conclusion: Building a sustainable future for Community Action Agencies

By implementing efficient business solutions such as Laserfiche’s paperless solutionCommunity Action Agencies can ensure a sustainable future. Streamlining processes, leveraging technology for data management, and enhancing communication are crucial steps. These actions lead to increased productivity, improved service delivery, and better outcomes for the communities served. Embracing innovation and optimizing resources will enable Community Action Agencies to thrive and make a lasting impact on those they support.