An important part of the application approval process of many Community Action Agencies is determining if the client qualifies for a program.  This is often done by filling out a financial eligibility form.

When a CAP implements our paper-less solution using Laserfiche, we often create an electronic form that can be filled out by the applicant or the CAP’s intake staff.

Above is a sample financial eligibility form.  And here is a sample financial eligibility table that Laserfiche workflow uses to determine eligibility.

Family Size                   Annual Income

1                                          $22,311

2                                        $30,044

3                                          $37,777

4                                          $45,510

5                                          $53,243

The financial eligibility table can easily be changed by CAP admin staff.  This is helpful because it is changed nearly every year.  And having this data in an editable table gives the agency lots of flexibility without changing the workflow.

You may be wondering what workflow does in this part of the application approval process.  When a financial eligibility form is filled out and the person hits the submit button, the form is sent to Laserfiche and workflow stores the form with the applicant’s application form.  It then calculates the total annual income and compares it to the allowed income level for a family of that size.

If workflow determines that applicant does not qualify, it creates a denial letter and forwards it to a staff member to review and send out.  If the applicant qualifies, workflow updates the information in case management software (such as THO, CAP60, or empowOR) and moves the applicant folder to the next person involved in the approval process.

Please note the above is just an example.  Since each CAP organization is unique, we customize our paper-less solution to meet the exact needs of the organization.

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