We would love to give you a free Christmas gift. If you would like to learn more about Laserfiche, we have some free training classes for you. Ans even if Christmas is over, I may have some of these classes available, Just reach out to me to verify.

Getting Started with Laserfiche 10

This introductory course is designed for all users new to Laserfiche and is based on version 10.0. The basic functionality of the Laserfiche desktop and web clients are introduced, preparing users to quickly locate and use documents.  This is a a great free Laserfiche training opportunity of any Laserfiche user even Laserfiche Cloud client.

Topics covered:

  • The basics of the Laserfiche product suite 
  • Essentials of navigating both desktop and web clients 
  • Tips and tricks for viewing, editing, importing, and exporting documents 
  • How to perform fast, accurate searches for documents 
  • Where to find helpful resources 

Getting Started with Process Automation in Laserfiche Cloud

This course has been designed for new Laserfiche Cloud users and those looking for ways to automate their business and reduce manual effort. It will introduce how to utilize Process Automation in order to increase overall efficiency and how to collaborate more effectively between various people and departments by building business processes with Laserfiche’s designer and tools.

Topic Covered:
  •  Identify the value of business processes and workflows
  • Create forms in order to collect information
  • Build business processes that facilitate efficient collaboration between different people, teams, and departments
  • Design workflows that streamline actions within systems and the repository to reduce repetitive actions requiring manual effort
  • Learn about the tools that Laserfiche offers to automate system integrations further

Working with Laserfiche Forms 11


This course teaches you how to easily create Laserfiche forms and business processes. It will also cover managing individual and team tasks and show reporting tools available in Laserfiche Forms for analyzing team performance. This course is based on Laserfiche Forms 11.

Topics covered:

  • Navigate the Forms inbox, including starting a process, organizing and managing task lists, and claiming and reassigning tasks
  • Manage team tasks, including creating, managing, and administering teams
  • Create a form using the Laserfiche Forms designer by adding and configuring different types of fields
  • Design a business process using the form built by configuring tasks, events, and a gateway
  • Configure reports for administrators and high-level managers by using filters, column display, and more
  • Identify process bottlenecks and analyze trends by using Forms reporting
  • Manage Forms security and administration by publishing the business process, connecting it to an external data source, and managing teams at a system-wide level

Building Laserfiche Workflows 10

This course is meant for users who are brand new to Laserfiche Workflow and for those who are maintaining their organization’s existing Workflow environment. The first part of our lessons will focus on defining what Laserfiche Workflow is and identifying when it is the best tool for the job. Subsequent lessons will focus on building, testing, and expanding on a basic workflow, as well as troubleshooting and reporting. The Laserfiche Workflow course that follows this one will cover advanced design techniques and integration and will also provide a more in-depth look into the Workflow Designer.  This course is based on Laserfiche 10.1.

By the end of this course, you’ll learn to: 
  • Build, test, and publish a basic workflow
  • Gather information and diagram a flowchart based on your findings
  • Navigate the Workflow Designer 
  • Identify components in three main parts of Workflow Designer: the canvas, the Toolbox, and the properties pane
  • Automate and expand a workflow using more advanced activities
  • Build, test, and publish a basic workflow

System Administration I – Laserfiche 10

  • This course is designed for System Administrators who will use the Laserfiche 10 Web Administration Console to design repositories and configure security policies. This course will outline leading practices for creating folder structure, templates and users, and groups. It is based on Laserfiche 10.1.

    By the end of this course, you learn to: 
  • Describe the key components of the Laserfiche 10 system architecture 
  • Design a repository folder structure aligned to security best practices
  • Create trustees and assign security to those trustees
  • Troubleshoot common user issues 
  • Create templates and fields and secure them through access rights


Free Laserfiche Training

If you are interested in receiving your free Laserfiche training, contact Larry Phelps at 612-382-4069 or lphelps@hemingwaysolutions. 

Note, if it is not Christmas time, no worry, check with me, I may have gifts still available for you.


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