This is a picture I snapped on my way to a meeting a while ago.  At the time in St Louis days of rain have caused widespread flooding that has impacted the community.  We think of the inconvenience this causes in our commutes and business plans.  But, we forget to think what is happening inside those buildings.

They are business just like yours.  And they probably have important documents in a storage area in boxes and file cabinets.   Water and mud have probably reached these documents and destroyed them.  And, they probably don’t have a backup copy.

Now think about if these were your document.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were like many of my clients?  They have purchased Laserfiche ECM software and have converted their important paper documents into digital documents that are back up with the other company data.

This is something really important to consider.  According to the SBA “, 25 percent of businesses do not reopen after a major disaster“.   I urge you to consider looking at protecting your critical documents so that your organization doesn’t become a statistic.