IDC has been a  leading market research firm for the past fifty years.  They have researched the enterprise content management (ECM) systems since their inception.  In a recent report they highlight five features a modern ECM system should contain.

In the link below, Melissa Webster, IDC’s Program Vice President of Content and Digital Media Technologies, discusses the five features of ECM system that she considered the most effective at solving today’s information access and process automation challenges.

The Five features she says is most important in a modern ECM solution:


I find this very interesting because these are the strengths I feel Laserfiche has over many of the other products I have looked at.

Laserfiche has a very easy to use products that allow a user to connect Laserfiche with other software products such as CRM and ERPs.  Laserfiche Connector integrates Laserfiche to other softwares with custom coding or knowledge of programming.  Most integrations take only a few minutes to set up.

Laserfiche has been know for it robust security, that is why it is a industry leader in the government and financial industries.  It has DOD and VERS certification.  see:

Laserfiche interface like like no other in the industry.  It allows users to browse the Laserfiche repository just like they are used to doing on the files on their PC and network.  Other ECM systems rely solely on metadata searches which is imitating for a new ECM user.

Mobile access has long been a strong suit of the Laserfiche platform.  Access from Antroid and Apple devices are included with every Laserfiche system.

Laserfiche Cloud solution allows users to be quick set up.  No server installation or hardware necessary.