Douglas County CAP, in conjunction with a network comprised of 20 various non-profit and public agencies, serves the needs of over 12,000 people living in poverty in Douglas County. 

For years, the CAP had been struggling to find a way to share information and documents between the various agencies, without exposing sensitive data to the outside world.

Now, by integrating Laserfiche with their empowOR client tracking software, they now have:

  • single portal for all agencies to use
  • electronic forms to capture information from clients
  • electronic signatures captured
  • reduced data entry because Laserfiche workflow updates empowOR database
  • customer transaction at one agency, updated for all agencies to see

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“Now, personal and sensitive information is handled with the utmost care to ensure the privacy and security of the data, thanks to Laserfiche and Laserfiche Forms.”  Rand Clark,  Community Services Supervisor, Douglas County, Colorado