Some people wonder is public funding of early childhood education is worthwhile.  They talk about all sort of other needs within the community that could use more funding.  I found a good article that addresses this issue in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  You can read the whole article here. Investment in kids makes sense

You may wonder why am I writing an article on this subject and posting it on the Hemingway Solutions website.  Aren’t you a technology company.  Yes.  There are several reasons for this article.  First, October is National Head Start Awareness Month.  And secondly, we work with many Headstarts and Childcare organizations across the country.  Helping them become more efficient and also provide better care for their children.  Our paperless solution using Laserfiche ECM streamlines enrollment processes, reduces the time required to manage student documents, helps with compliance and monitoring child safety.

We are proud to be a small part of the success of Headstarts and childcare organizations across the country by helping them go paperless.

More info on our paperless solutions for CAP agencies