If you are a Laserfiche user, I hope you know about Laserfiche Answers and are using it. If not, I would be happy to help you. Laserfiche Answers is a community-driven web forum.  People from all around the world share their Laserfiche knowledge and expertise. It has over eleven thousand members and has been functioning since about 2014.

You may be wondering why Laserfiche users would take the time to share their expertise. Nien-Ling Wacker, the late founder of Laserfiche, use to say, “Laserfiche is more than a product; it is a community.” And if you have been to Laserfiche’s annual conference, you experienced it.

When you receive an account for Laserfiche Answers, you will get an even better feel for the online social community for Laserfiche users and developers. You’ll also get access to the large library of technical white papers, help files, and education materials on the Laserfiche Support Site.

Another thing you will see are thousands of questions that people like you have asked, and Laserfiche users and staff have answered. And these questions are not your typical support questions; you will find “how to” questions and you can ask people for suggestions or for their experience on a certain topic.

You will be impressed with the amount of good information and the amount of sharing that is going on.

Since the site was launched, it has averaged over hundred posts and thousands of views per day. You will find over fifty unique discussion topics, from version 9 to licensing.  There’s plenty to talk about on Laserfiche Answers.

Laserfiche Answers


To log in you will need a Laserfiche support login. If you do not have one, contact us and we will get you set up.

Go to:  https://answers.laserfiche.com/

Click on sign on

Enter your Laserfiche support login and password.