A Training for Human Services Professionals in Nonprofits, Tribes, & Counties

customer service

October & November 2020 Session Dates:

Oct. 27, Oct. 29, Nov. 3, or Nov. 5

Time: (9:00 am-1:00 pm US Central Time – with 2 short breaks)

Cost:  $75/Participant

Register and pay online: www.bemidjiconsulting.com/trainings


This training is intended for staff who serve your external and internal customers and stakeholders. It is appropriate for staff in behavioral health, child care, energy assistance, housing, social and human services, as well as administrative assistants, receptionists and staff in human resources and accounting.

Note to Supervisors & Program Managers:  If you’re hoping to improve customer service within your workplace, consider taking this training with your employees and teams. It will give you common language and common concepts to use in planning for high quality customer service within your organizations and tribes. Visit www.bemidjiconsulting.com/trainings for the full workshop description or to register.

Participant Feedback & “Aha” Learning:

“I would recommend that we do this type of training every year…it is absolutely a must–customer service is so vital to how we carry out our programs.”

“Thank you so much for your time today and for creating the safe space to talk about these issues.”

“I learned some great “verbiage” to incorporate into my conversations with households. “

“Give clients choices whenever possible.”

“I’ll try to be a better listener.  Listen more to customers and talk less.”

“How to deal with difficult or upset callers.”

“Clients might be irate but it’s really at their situation, not at you.”

“To make sure I take time to care for myself, so that I can do the important work of being there for others with my full attention.”

“Have empathy and concern for situations clients are in.”

“Ask if it’s ok to follow up even if a client is satisfied with the initial interaction.”

“I will work to make sure that I refer people appropriately and connect them with a live person when possible. “

When you experience exceptional customer service, you know it. When you don’t experience
this, you also know it! But how do you define this and ensure that it is regularly and consistently
offered to both your clients and internally to your employees? Customer Service involves
organizational values and culture as well as employee attitudes and skills. It starts with the
organization’s expectations for how clients/customers are viewed are treated and also includes
the training provided to employees to do their jobs, as well as a process for constructive
feedback from co-workers, supervisors, and customers. This 4-hour workshop helps staff at all
levels build their customer service skills.

Topics include:
 Making a Positive First Impression & Connection
 Providing Proactive Customer Service
 The Skills for Exceptional Customer Service
 How to Handle Difficult Situations with Clients/Customers
 Developing a Team Planning Process to Integrate Customer Feedback into Program
and Organizational Operations
 Self-Care for Customer Service Professionals to Help You Bring Your Best to Customers
and Clients

Intended Audience:

All staff, from the front desk to direct service professionals,
supervisors, and agency management staff provide customer service to external customers and
their internal staff and volunteers. Staff and volunteers at all levels are welcome to attend this
training. Both new and experienced staff can benefit from revisiting customer service best
practices and learning new strategies to be proactive in providing customer service.
Administrative assistants, receptionists, office managers, financial staff, case managers,
supervisors, program directors, management team staff, and volunteers have valued this

About Your Trainer
Owner and principal consultant Rebecca (Becky) Schueller has three decades of experience
working with national, urban and rural nonprofits, community groups, tribal organizations and
small businesses. In addition to 30+ years of management and leadership experience with
nonprofits, Becky has served multiple community agencies in Chicago and the Bemidji area in
Board, committee, and consultant and training roles. She served as the primary staff member
and resource development lead at three organizations for more than 25 years.
Becky converted 100% of her training, planning, and meeting facilitation to online venues
following the recent Covid-19 pandemic. She trains on topics including: Supervision &
Performance Appraisal, Grant Writing Readiness, Board Governance, the Executive Director’s
Annual Performance Evaluation. Becky also develops custom training. Contact her at
Becky@bemidjiconsulting.com to discuss your organization’s professional development needs.
Becky’s most recent staff role was serving as Executive Director for Evergreen Youth & Family
Services in Bemidji for nearly 16 years (2001-2017). Evergreen’s $1 Million budget more than
doubled during Becky’s tenure and the staff grew from 20+ to 40+ members. After relocating to
Minnesota in 1998, Becky developed the first Catalog of Philanthropy for the Northwest
Minnesota Foundation, served as a Business Development Specialist for the Native American
Business Development Center and worked for the Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes in Cass

Register and pay online: www.bemidjiconsulting.com/trainings

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