Dashboard for Community Action Agencies

Hemingway Solutions’ Dashboard is a monitoring, measuring, and reporting tool for CAP managers. It collects data from a Laserfiche workflow, such as Energy Assistance Application approval workflow.  And populates an Excel spreadsheet for display and manipulation.  Users have both the raw data and a detailed pivot table for their use.

The Dashboard is very useful for monitoring the performance of the department, caseworkers, and steps in the process.  With it, managers can identify bottlenecks in their processes and tweak them to become more efficient.  It is useful for monitoring and adjusting staffing levels to meet demands of the workload.  Caseworkers performance is monitored to help identify issues that may need to be addressed or that may require additional training.

Common reasons an organization needs a dashboard:

  • Cumbersome, complex processes
  • Limited analytics for gaining business insight
  • Processes are not aligned with business needs
  • Lack of data policy oversight
  • Difficulty determining staffing levels
  • Minimal process visibility


Common rewards when an organization has a dashboard:

  • Predictive analytics create new ways to improve doing business
  • Processes built for growth and to support organizational goals
  • Streamlined, simplified business processes
  • Increased vision into process health and performance
  • Ability to track employee productivity
  • Ability to reach optimal staffing levels using analytics


Dashboard for Community Action Agency