The company history of Hemingway Solutions is really the story of three companies, Software Tailors, NetMark, and Solbrekk. Each of these companies was a big part of the success that Hemingway Solutions now experiences. Each company had a focus on Laserfiche support in Minnesota

1990 Software Tailors became a Laserfiche Solution Provider

A client hired us to find a solution to replace their microfiche system. After research, we recommended they purchase Laserfiche document imaging software. We were very impressed with Laserfiche and became a dealer at that time. In addition to supporting Laserfiche, Software Tailors was one of the 1st computer network service organizations in the Minneapolis metro area.

1997 NetMark purchased Laserfiche and became Laserfiche Solution Provider

Mark Hemingway, as an Owner of NetMark, Inc., was a Laserfiche solution provider from 1997-2009. They deployed the Laserfiche product in a hosted environment. This is one of the earliest implementations of Laserfiche in the Cloud. Their focus was medical clinics and had many clients that stored their medical records in Laserfiche and automated their EOB processes.

2003 Software Tailors became Solbrekk

Software Tailors merged with Solbrekk. And Solbrekk continued to expand its Laserfiche customer base.

2009 Solbrekk won its first Run Smarter Award–Minneapolis Star Tribune

Laserfiche announced eight winners from varying industry sectors for its annual Run Smarter Awards, which recognizes organizations that have been successful in solving their most pressing information management challenges. The Laserfiche integration with PeopleSoft application that Solbrekk developed for the Star Tribune was one of the eight winners.

2009 Netgain acquired NetMark

Netgain acquired NetMark and Mark Hemingway began consulting for Solbrekk, writing Laserfiche workflows.

2013 Leymar Company was formed.

2015 Solbrekk won Run Smarter Award for workflow for a Community Action Partnership

Laserfiche awarded their Run Smarter Award for the workflow that Solbrekk created to automate the Energy Assistance Application and Approval process for the Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties. How Laserfiche Workflow Increased One Community Action Agency’s Ability to Help Others

2015 Leymar Company DBA Hemingway Solutions acquired Solbrekk’s Laserfiche business unit

Hemingway Solutions continues to grow its Laserfiche client base.

2016 Hemingway Solutions Makes the Laserfiche Winner’s Circle

Hemingway Solutions continues its success as a Laserfiche VAR.

Why Laserfiche and Hemingway Solutions

2017 Hemingway Solutions Makes the Laserfiche Winner’s Circle

2019 Hemingway Solutions acquires new client Casappa

an Italian-owned company doing business out of the Chicago metro area and developed a customer purchase order capture solution

2019 Hemingway Solutions client Community Health Centers was highlighted as Laserfiche’s success story

a Florida non-profit as a client and developed a smart invoice capture solution that integrated with the Abila MIP accounting system. Laserfiche wrote a success story about their implementation. See

2020 Hemingway Solutions makes the Laserfiche Winner’s Circle

2020 Hemingway Solutions acquired new client Universal Fidelity Life Insurance Company

as a client and began streamlining and automating most of their business process

2021 Hemingway Solutions makes the Laserfiche Winner’s Circle.

2021 Hemingway Solutions acquires new client South Jersey Industries

a public utility company based in New Jersey as a client and began streamlining the ability of their field staff and contractors to access critical documents securely.