Hemingway Solutions has over 26 years of experience supporting Laserfiche products. Our background is IT, which gives us a focus on service. Many of our competitors’ backgrounds are copier sales, and their focus is often on selling.
We focus on creating customized software solutions using Laserfiche technology to meet our customers’ requirements. Our clients do not have to change their business processes to use our software solutions; we change our software to match our customers’ processes.
We give each client our best–every time. This begins with our willingness to listen to customers and address their priorities as we would our own. This method has earned us a strong reputation for providing reliable Laserfiche solutions.
Both Mark Hemingway and Larry Phelps have each founded and managed two technology companies. As astute business people, we recognize that our willingness to respond must be matched by the professional and technical ability to do so. Our sales and technical staff are continually educated on Laserfiche ECM products, as well as their features and benefits.
Customers deserve excellent service and high-quality software solutions. Hemingway Solutions promises to give our best–every time.
Our mission is to help organizations make their staff more efficient and effective by helping them go more paperless, using Laserfiche ECM.
Our Laserfiche deployments and custom-developed workflows will allow customers to:
• Automate critical business processes
• Create a consistent document structure
• Reduce staff training
• Ensure consistent handling of important documents
• Automate approval processes
• Ensure compliance
• Increase employee productivity
• Eliminate redundancy
• Encourage collaboration
• Stop wasting precious time searching for documents
• Reduce duplicate data entry


You deserve excellent service and high quality software solutions.

Hemingway Solutions promises to give you our best – every time.


Our mission

Our Laserfiche deployments and custom-developed workflows will allow you to:

Looking for a First-Class Document Management Solution? You have come to the right place.

How I selected Laserfiche

Many years ago, I was asked by a city to help them pick a replacement for a micro-fiche machine that failed. At that time an ECM system was called a document imaging system. I knew nothing about this technology and after lots of research, all the vendors started sounding the same.

The pressure was on to help the client make a good choice, so I decided to start talking to the clients about the products of several vendors. I not only asked for references from the vendor – which I know would be all glowing because they were hand-picked, I asked the references if they knew anyone else that used the product. I did this several times and got to talk to people that we not hand-picked.

What I found was amazing. For many of the products I got good reviews, but users of one product were different. The users of Laserfiche were enthusiastic about the product. In fact, one reference said that I had to come to see him. And he would show me why Laserfiche was the product I needed to recommend to my client.

So, I drove over 5 hours to spend a part of a day with him. He showed me how easy it was to use, how his staff had easily adopted the product into their daily routine, and how much more it could do than most competing products. He had definitely drunk the Laserfiche KoolAid. His excitement was contagious and with all the other great feedback I got for the other Laserfiche uses, I recommended Laserfiche to my client.

Then I contacted Laserfiche to get some pricing and I found out that the excitement over Laserfiche was not just their clients. I talked to Vinny a sales rep at Laserfiche. He was so pumped up about the product and the company. And it wasn’t long before Vinny convinced me to become a solution provider for Laserfiche.

I found out even more about why the employees and customers were so excited about Laserfiche when I went to my first Laserfiche Empower user conference. There I met Nien-Ling Wacker. She was serving coffee and tidying up before a meeting with the Laserfiche resellers. I asked someone who was that and they said that is our president. I was amazed by her, she was the definition of servant leadership. Although Nien-Ling passed away a number of years ago. You will still find the same kind of leadership running Laserfiche.

Even many years later, I get the same excitement from Laserfiche staff and users. If you go to the annual conference for Laserfiche, you will see it for yourself.