Improving the Quality of Remote Supervision Webinar

Rebecca Shilling - training

Intended Audience This workshop is appropriate for all who supervise and support remote employees, including program managers and coordinators, CFOs, HR & operations directors, and executive directors/presidents/CEOs, who want to provide high-quality staff support while ensuring high-quality service delivery. Health and human services directors and managers, maintenance and transportation supervisors, financial services managers, county auditors, […]

16 Tips For Working From Home Because of COVID-19

working from home

COVID-19 has quickly changed our organizations. Many have either shut down or asked their workers to work from home. This can cause some challenges that you are not familiar with. We have been working from home for quite a few years. And we have put together some things that will help you with the transition. […]

Laserfiche Aspire Training Platform

laserfiche training

We’re excited to announce the release of Laserfiche’s new online training platform, Aspire. You can now enjoy all the great learning experiences Laserfiche has to offer in a whole new way!   Robust virtual video gallery – Boost your Laserfiche® software skills and more with our selection of 300+ video tutorials.   Laserfiche Certification – […]

Laserfiche Wildcards and Operators

finding documents in Laserfiche

Laserfiche Wildcards Using wildcards and operators greatly improves your Laserfiche search capability. It will allow you to expand or restrict your searches. Making your searches more powerful. What is a wildcard? Wildcards represent unknown characters in a search. Some wildcard searchs allow operators, Thes operators are used to combining search terms or specify a search […]

Laserfiche Quick Search Capability

How to do a Laserfiche search

Laserfiche Quick Search lets you perform a basic search without having to open a new dialog box or change your repository view. Quick Search is located at the top of the Folder Browser. From here, you can search text, entry names, fields, annotations, or a combination of these. Click the arrow to the left of […]

Laserfiche 10.4.1 Released

The Laserfiche 10.4.1 release is now available! Building upon the functionalities released in Laserfiche 10.4, this on-premises release includes a variety of updates including new features and improvements, as well as stability and performance enhancements. This includes updates to the Laserfiche Directory Server, Windows client, web client, Forms, Laserfiche app, and Workflow. Key highlights include: Expanded […]

5 Tricks to Get More Done Every Day

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If you are like most people, you have more work to do than you have time to do it.  Here are a few simple things that can help you be more productive. Use dual Monitors. According to a University of Utah study, you can increase your efficiency by 25% just by adding a second monitor.  […]

What Every CAP and Non-Profit Should Know About Going Paperless

paperless for CAP

      Destination Paperless What Every Community Action Agency and Non-Profit Should Know About Going Paperless Copyright 2019 by Larry M. Phelps Revision 3 All rights reserved     Adapted from Paper-mess to Paper-less by Larry M. Phelps Copyright 2012, 2013 by Larry M. Phelps ISBN: 978-1-62050-547-2 Table of Contents Introduction. 7 Note to […]

Did you know that there are almost 300 free Laserfiche training videos?

Laserfiche training video

If you are a Laserfiche user looking to learn more about Laserfiche, there is a library of short videos that are available to you for free. You will need a login to the Laserfiche support site.  If you do not have one let us know and we can help you. Go to: Here is […]