Prairie Five CAP Improves Energy Assistance Application Approval Process

prarie 5 community action paperless

Introduction In the heart of Minnesota lies Prairie Five Community Action, an organization dedicated to serving the community and positively impacting countless individuals’ lives. Across five counties, Prairie Five provides essential services that empower and uplift the community. Prairie Five recognizes the struggles faced by low-income households when it comes to managing energy costs. To […]

Streamline Your Business with Document Imaging Technology

stream line busines with document image

Document imaging technology refers to the process of converting physical documents into digital images. It involves scanning, capturing, and storing documents electronically, making them easily accessible and searchable. This technology has revolutionized the way businesses handle their documents, eliminating the need for physical storage space and reducing the time and effort required to retrieve information. […]

Laserfiche 12

Laserfiche 12

Laserfiche version 12 is set to release in November 2024, here are a few of the upcoming features.

Implementing Secure Content Management

secure content management

What Small and Mid-Size Businesses Need to Know What is a Content Management System? Before we go too far, we need to discuss what we are talking about. Some of you when you hear the term content management system, you think of WordPress, Joomia, or Drupal. If so, you are correct.  But others when you […]

How Document Management Consulting Can Help You Achieve a Paperless Office

document management consulting

Understanding Document Management Consulting Document management consulting services help businesses transition to a paperless office or migrate from a legacy document management system by providing expertise on how to organize and digitize documents efficiently. Consultants analyze current manual document workflows, automate the manual workflows, and train employees on new systems. They aim to streamline processes, […]

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology for Invoice Capture

ai invoice capture

Introduction OCR has been around for many years. Probably longer than you would guess. In 1914 Emanuel Goldberg developed a machine that could read characters and convert them to telegraph code. Since then there has been a lot of development in the field of OCR technology. This article will discuss how it has evolved to […]

AI Is Changing Data Capture

ai used for data capture

    Introduction:   Today, we’re diving into the world of AI and its game-changing impact on data capture. We will explore how AI is revolutionizing the way we gather information and why it matters in our fast-paced digital era. What is Data Capture? Data capture is the process of collecting and recording data from […]