National Community Action Partnership Annual Conference

Hemingway Solutions at National CAP conference

August 29 to Sept 1, 2017, we attended the Community Action Partnership annual conference in Philadelphia, PA.  What a great group of people we were able to hang out with.  We were excited to share how an agency can become much more efficient when using our Laserfiche workflow that we have created for CAP agencies. […]

Community Action Partnership Hennepin County Energy Assistance

CAP increased productivity by 129%

Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County had been using Laserfiche for over six years. After they processed Energy Assistance applications, they archived them in Laserfiche.   After seeing the results that several other CAP’s had experienced when implementing Laserfiche Workflow, they decided that they would do the same.  Instead of scanning the applications at the end […]

Laserfiche Connector save a Community Action 40 hours per week

community action save 1 man year

For several years Community Action of Hennepin County had been using Quickfields with cover sheets to automate the scanning of energy assistance application documents. This was much more effective than scanning the documents with standard Laserfiche (Community Action Software) scanning and manually entering the metadata. But after improving other areas of their processes and reducing […]

Is it time to automate your business expense reporting?

travel voucher and expense reports frustration solved by Laserfiche

Are your employees frustrated each month when they need to fill out their expense reports?  Do your managers have to continually remind people to get their expense report turned in?  And does accounting complain about the wad of receipts stapled to the expense reports? There is a much better way to handle this frustrating process.  […]

How Laserfiche Workflow Increased One Community Action Agency’s Ability to Help Others

Community Action Partnership Laserfiche client

This article was originally published by Meghann Wooster on the Laserfiche website. It is being used with permission and has been modified Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties is a state agency that runs the largest low-income home energy assistance program in Minnesota. This organization helps people who are struggling to pay for […]

Community Action Agency Improve Crisis Response Time

Community action partnership energy assistance application processing

Replaces filing cabinets with Laserfiche ECM Special to the Philanthropy Journal By Tim Wacker The Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC) lists a car leasing business and a farmers market among its many innovations to assist the needy in south-central Minnesota. But it is recent innovations in the agency’s information technology department that staff now include […]

Community Action Partnership Suburban Hennepin

replace filing cabinets with Laserfiche

Overview Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin (CAPSH) is a community action agency working to improve the lives of low-income people in the suburbs of Hennepin County, Minnesota. CAPSH is one of nearly one thousand community action partnership agencies (CAPs) that operate across the country. These agencies are nonprofit organizations, established under the Economic Opportunity […]

Lakes and Pines Community Action Goes Paperless

Lakes and Pines community action go to paperless

Overview Lakes and Pines Community Action Council is a non-profit corporation that offers a variety of programs to assist low-income families and individuals in a seven-county area north of the Twin Cities. They provide assistance to eligible consumers in the following areas: Early childhood and family development; Energy and housing; family loan program; special projects […]