Garrett County Community Action Committee Improve Services By Integrating Laserfiche With empowOR

Gregan Crawford Garrett County CAC goes paperless

Garrett County Community Action Committee is a private, nonprofit organization in Garrett County, Maryland.  Its activities and projects focus on strategies that assist low-income people to be more self-sufficient. The agency provides a variety of services for individuals, families, and older adults. It also owns a number of housing developments and community facilities located in […]

Head Start and Childcare Paperless Solutions

Head start provides childcare

We have done a lot of work with Head Start and childcare organization. Here are some uses for Laserfiche in Head Start and childcare organizations: child safety logs incident reports security policy automation teacher expense and travel voucher approvals student records student on-boarding various other electronic forms If you are not using Lasefiche in your Head […]

Client Success Story – Douglas County, Colorado, Community Action

CAP paperless forms

Douglas County CAP, in conjunction with a network comprised of 20 various non-profit and public agencies, serves the needs of over 12,000 people living in poverty in Douglas County.  For years, the CAP had been struggling to find a way to share information and documents between the various agencies, without exposing sensitive data to the outside world. Now, […]

2018 Year Review

You may know that Community Action Agencies (CAPs) are one of the verticals that we focus on. We’ve been working with CAPs in Minnesota for over fifteen years and have been branching out to other states. This year we did projects for a CAP in Maryland and Colorado.  And we integrated Laserfiche with a very popular client […]

Does Missouri Have a Law That Is Helpful If a CAP Agency Wants To Go More Paperless

missouri electronic records

I recently talked to a director of a Community Action in Missouri and he was wondering if he could legally scan their paper documents and rely totally on electronic records. Missouri like many other states has adopted the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act in August of 2003.  This Act focuses on treating electronic (paperless) records the same […]

Alabama Legal Recognition Of Electronic Records And Electronic Signatures

alabama electronic records forCAP

I have had a number of Community Action Agency directors in Alabama ask about the requirements for them to keep paper documents.  Like most states, Alabama adopted the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act.  That Act states, in my opinion, that electronic documents should be treated no different than paper documents.  And application with an electronic signature also […]

How does Federal law affect your ability to go paperless?

federal law and going paperless

The Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA, Pub.L. 105–277 Title XVII) requires that, that Federal agencies use electronic documents, forms, and signatures to conduct official business with the public.  The Act requires agencies, to allow individuals or organizations the option to submit information or transact with the agency electronically and to maintain records electronically. The Act specifically states that electronic […]