That is a good question.  The City of Long Beach believes so and has the number to back it up.  You see, the long time Laserfiche client decided a number of years ago to use Laserfiche in their police department to help crack down on crime.  In particular they wanted to combat gang violence.  Within a few years they were able to boost arrest on gang related crimes by 650%.

To read more about this, you can go to this link:  Long Beach PD reduces gang related crime.

Well, reducing gang crime is probably not your goal.  But, serving your clients better probably is.  We have seen Laserfiche drastically help with customer satisfaction.  For example, our community action agencies take hundreds of phone calls each year for their clients inquiring about the status of their applications for assistance.  In the past these calls were troublesome for the client as well as the staff.  The staff member taking the call would have to take down the client information and then promise to call them back when they found the answer.  Then find the answer which wasn’t easy because it was in the customer folder that was in office someplace being processed.  It would often take several hours to find that folder and try to get a hold of the client.  This process was time consuming for the staff member and very frustrating for the client.  Now, with Laserfiche, the person taking the call can find the application in seconds and have the question answered while the client is on the phone.


“Now that Laserfiche has been implemented, the agency is finding that it’s easier to complete the work they set out to do: help people.” 

Catherine Faire, Director of Energy Assistance, Community Action Partnership Ramsey and Washington Counties