If Your House Is Flooding, Hope Your City Has Laserfiche

laserfiche saves flooding basement

Shoreview, MN The City of Shoreview, MN, has found some ingenious ways to use Laserfiche. The City uses Laserfiche for inter-and intra-departmental information sharing. It also makes council minutes and agendas available to its 26,000 residents via Laserfiche WebLink. The Public Works Department, in particular, has been busy streamlining their processes with Laserfiche. “One of […]

Re-organizing Documents Doesn’t Have To Be Huge Undertaking

document stored automatically by Laserfiche Quickfields

A few years ago, I got a call from Duane, the IT manager of one of my clients.  They had a new department manager that did not like the way their property files were stored.   He said that it would take his staff many several hundred hours to manually re-organize the documents. Duane asked me […]

My friends laughed when they heard I was being audited?

who likes to get audited

Who likes to be audited?  Not me! But, we don’t have a choice sometimes.  But my friends thought it was funny.  They laughed at me.  They thought it was funny that I was being audited and were anxious to hear the horror story. It happened many years ago when Electronic Content Management systems were fairly new, I […]

Solbrekk has reached Laserfiche Winners Circle

Solbrekk has reached Laserfiche Winners Circle status for the second time. This means that Solbrekk will be recognized in January 2010 at a special event for accomplished value-added resellers. “This year, customers have been careful to select a reliable, cost-effective solution that creates efficiency, and adds value to their organization, “says Larry Phelps, Solbrekk’s vice […]

Document Management VARs Like New Laserfiche Workflow App

By Joseph F. Kovar January 15, 2008 At the conference, held this week in Los Angeles, the Long Beach, Calif.-based document management technology developer unveiled the newest version of its software to a crowd of 400 solution providers representing nearly 200 partner companies, as well as an additional 400 users. Laserfiche 8, which is available starting this […]

City of Shoreview would rather scan paper files than move filing cabinets.

City of Shoreview, Laserfiche customer

Laserfiche Global Municipal Exchange Issue #10 Conundrum Instead of being one small part of a job, the need to transport paper files can often seem to be the job itself. That assessment applies to tasks ranging from major projects such as moving an entire department to a new location, to more routine jobs such as […]