I thought you might be interested in a project we just completed for a community health organization.

Here are the steps in their Automating Accounts Payable process:
1. When staff would like to order something, they click on a link on their website that brings up a purchase requisition form.  They fill it out and when they hit submit it goes to their supervisor for approval.
2.  Once the purchase requisition is approved it is automatically routed to the purchasing department.  Once they order it, they then check a field on the form indicating that it is on order.
3.  The staff that requisitioned the purchase is notified that the product is on order.
4.  When the product comes in, the packing slip scanned to a network folder.  Laserfiche picks up the scanned document automatically and stores it.
5. When the invoice arrives, it is scanned into a network folder and Laserfiche picks it up, reads the important information off of it such as PO number, date, vendor name, and amount.
6.  Laserfiche connects to Abila MIP and looks up the vendor name to get the vendor code, standard GL Code, and other information.  It also looks up the PO to make sure the invoice matches.
7.  Laserfiche finds the packing slip and attaches it to the invoice.  The invoice is then routed to the appropriate people for approval.
8.  Once it is approved, Laserfiche writes the data into Abila MIP, eliminating data entry, and the invoice is paid.
9.  Laserfiche marks the invoice paid and files it in the vendor folder in Laserfiche.

This is just an example of an AP process that we can build.  If your process is completely different, it doesn’t matter, because we can easily tailor Laserfiche to your exact process.

After the project went live, here is what Dee had to say about it:

“I cannot even begin to express how elated I am with this product!!!!!!

Even when there are data elements that need to be fixed, the process is so painless and intuitive and easy that it is absolutely a JOY to work in the system.

Ben (and Mark) have been so supportive and even suggesting fixes I would not have required. I get the feeling he is just as invested in getting us up and running as I am.

This has been the best software rollout experience I have ever had —- and I have launched a LOT of software programs (and written a few myself).

THANK YOU for all of your help and support!!!!!!!!”


Director of Purchasing

Community Health Centers, Inc.

You can find more information on AP automation for Abila here