Aspen Waste Systems provides a wide variety of waste collection and recycling services to residential and commercial customers. Aspen is owned and managed by people who live in the Twin Cities.  It also owns and operates a branch office in St Louis Mo.  They are committed to providing superior service to all of their customers large or small.  They dispose of all waste in the most environment friendly methods available in each area we serve.  They transport all residential trash to a resource recovery center where it is turned into fuel to generate electricity.

Aspen took their environment friendly attitude that they have out-doors with their clients and brought it into their office.  They looked at the amount of paper they stored and used and decided that they wanted to change it.  They purchased Laserfiche, a few scanners and upgraded their Canon copiers to have scanning capability.  Marv Vlika, General Manager, said that “we was decided that they would begin scanning AP documents.  Using our staff members as they had time, we scanned 14,500 pages in a short time and were excited when we saw filing cabinets emptied and removed.  After my admin training a few days ago I configured about 16 windows groups and identified who would be assigned to each so I’m ready for almost anything that comes our way.  It will likely take 2-3 months to catch up with scanning all last year’s AP documents.

Since the initial installation, Aspen has been able to use Quickfields with real time look up to tie information contained in various applications, even one on an IBM AS400.  Marv said the problem was each application had bits and pieces of the information but note of them contained everything that they wanted.  Now by capturing the information from the various systems and populating them into a single template card associated with the document, now they have all the pertain information at their finger tips.

It is especially helpful that we can find a document from our legacy accounting systems by hitting a few keys thanks to Laserfiche and Affinity.


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