Hemingway Solutions has experience supporting Laserfiche products for over 15 years. Mark Hemingway as an Owner of Netmark, Inc. was a Laserfiche VAR from 1997 – 2009, we deployed the product in a hosted environment. Since 2009 we continued to support the deployments through Netgain Technologies and Solbrekk Business Technology Solutions. Leymar Companies thought it only a natural transition to become the VAR for all of Solbrekk’s current accounts and will use its experience to provide high quality support and development to all of our customer deployments.

In addition Leymar was involved with several clients and Solbrekk in receiving Laserfiche prestigious awards.

Laserfiche run smarter award minnesota

Laserfiche award Minnesota

laserfihce minnesota run smarter

Laserfiche winners circle St Paul

Laserfiche Winner Circle 2008

lasherfiche winner circle st paul minnesota