What Every CAP and Non-Profit Should Know About Going Paperless

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      Destination Paperless What Every Community Action Agency and Non-Profit Should Know About Going Paperless Copyright 2019 by Larry M. Phelps Revision 3 All rights reserved     Adapted from Paper-mess to Paper-less by Larry M. Phelps Copyright 2012, 2013 by Larry M. Phelps ISBN: 978-1-62050-547-2 Table of Contents Introduction. 7 Note to […]

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Larry Phelps – Director of Sales and Marketing We Help Organizations Like Yours Go Paperless and Automate Business Processes Are You Tired Of: Paper taking up precious office space? Inefficient manual paper-based processes? Time wasted finding missing documents? Tracking down people to approve their invoices? Managing a complex application approval process? Wasted hours doing data […]

Has Coronavirus Affected Services Supplied by Community Action Agencies and Non-profits?

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The year 2020 will be a year that we will all remember. The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every person and organization in our country. The stay-at-home orders required organizations to rapidly transition many of their staff to work from home. This created many new operational challenges. This is especially true for Community Action Agencies and […]


Free ECM Resources We understand that moving to a paperless solution sometimes requires you to learn about the technology before actually making a decision.  Here are some helpful resources that will help you with this. If you have questions about Laserfiche and the paper-less world, please reach out to us, we would be glad to […]

Effective User Training: Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

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Laserfiche user training is a critical component of any successful workplace. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, it is essential for employees to have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use the tools and technologies they encounter on a daily basis. User training not only improves productivity and efficiency but also ensures that […]

Implementing Secure Content Management

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What Small and Mid-Size Businesses Need to Know What is a Content Management System? Before we go too far, we need to discuss what we are talking about. Some of you when you hear the term content management system, you think of WordPress, Joomia, or Drupal. If so, you are correct.  But others when you […]

Powerful Invoice Capture Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

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Invoice capture, or the process of extracting information from an invoice in order to process it, has evolved quite a bit in recent years. Previously, every invoice had to be manually input into a computer. Which took a lot of time and frequently led to expensive errors. With the recent development of artificial intelligence tools. […]