Merry Christmas

merry christmas from Hemingway solutions

I am amazed that it is almost Christmas.  This year has just flown by.  I know this is a busy time of year; I hope you have time to take a break from the busyness and stress to enjoy time with family and friends. At Hemingway Solutions, we like to look back at gifts we have […]

Community Action Partnerships and Non-profits help those living in poverty

community action partnerships help people in poverty

Here is a great story about a young girl who notices a man living on the streets.  Her kindness to him touches him.  And in his poverty he gives her a wonderful gift.  See how her mother’s responds… This story reminds me how our Community Action Partnerships and Non-profits serve those in poverty in our […]

Laserfiche Wildcards and Operators

finding documents in Laserfiche

Laserfiche Wildcards Using wildcards and operators greatly improves your Laserfiche search capability. It will allow you to expand or restrict your searches. Making your searches more powerful. What is a wildcard? Wildcards represent unknown characters in a search. Some wildcard searchs allow operators, Thes operators are used to combining search terms or specify a search […]

Laserfiche Quick Search Capability

How to do a Laserfiche search

Laserfiche Quick Search lets you perform a basic search without having to open a new dialog box or change your repository view. Quick Search is located at the top of the Folder Browser. From here, you can search text, entry names, fields, annotations, or a combination of these. Click the arrow to the left of […]

How has going paperless change a Energy Assistance Department?

Laserfiche reduces staff

When asked how going paperless using Laserfiche has changed your department, Kevin Adams from Community Action Partnership of Washington Ramsey said that when they automated the energy assistance approval process with Laserfiche Workflow: – We didn’t immediately need to replace staff lost through natural attrition. – Over the last 5 years, a few staff were […]

Does large companies like Pepsi have the same AP challenges that I have?

paperless AP Automation

We sometimes forget that large companies like Pepsi have the same AP challenges as we do. A Pepsi Distributor in the mid-west was processing accounts payable manually and their costs kept climbing. When it was evident that they needed to either hire another accounting clerk or automate their process.  They decided to automate using Laserfiche. […]

Laserfiche 10.4.1 Released

The Laserfiche 10.4.1 release is now available! Building upon the functionalities released in Laserfiche 10.4, this on-premises release includes a variety of updates including new features and improvements, as well as stability and performance enhancements. This includes updates to the Laserfiche Directory Server, Windows client, web client, Forms, Laserfiche app, and Workflow. Key highlights include: Expanded […]

Automating Accounts Payable in Abila MIP Accounting Software

community health goes paperless using laserfiche and hemingway solutions

I thought you might be interested in a project we just completed for a community health organization. Here are the steps in their Automating Accounts Payable process: 1. When staff would like to order something, they click on a link on their website that brings up a purchase requisition form.  They fill it out and […]

Streamlining Student Registration and Records

automating student records

Managing student records and registration is a time-consuming task for many schools, childcare facilities, and Head Starts.  New Caney Independent School District has this problem too.  They were able to solve it when they implement Laserfiche ECM , a paperless solution. “Laserfiche is one system with endless capabilities,” said Tammy Yarbrough, records management officer at New […]