Time For Spring Cleaning – Paper-less-ly

digital spring cleaning

I know that paper-less-ly is not a word.  At least not yet. I think you are probably as tired of winter as I am and ready to think spring.  The one thing that I think of when I think of spring is spring cleaning.  Here are some spring cleaning ideas for your office: Get rid […]

Dashboard for Community Action Agencies

dashboard created in Laserfiche

Hemingway Solutions’ Dashboard is a monitoring, measuring, and reporting tool for CAP managers. It collects data from a Laserfiche workflow, such as Energy Assistance Application approval workflow.  And populates an Excel spreadsheet for display and manipulation.  Users have both the raw data and a detailed pivot table for their use. The Dashboard is very useful […]

Laserfiche Cloud to Help Serve Children in Foster Care Faster

Laserfiche cloud helps foster children

(NBCH), located in Arkansas, works with children in foster care. Originally founded by a single family who fostered and would, later on, adopt a sibling group of four, NBCH strives to keep siblings together and helps to unify those children that have been separated in the foster care system. The organization works to provide long-term […]

Laserfiche 10.3 The Most Recent Version Of Laserfiche

LF 10.3 new features

If you were wondering the latest version of Laserfiche is 10.3.  It introduces several new features to make it easier to work with documents in your repository, as well as numerous fixes.  Here is a list of the new features. Simultaneous Co-authoring of Microsoft Office Documents  The Laserfiche Document Co-Authoring Host for Microsoft Office provides […]

Is improving your staff’s productivity on your radar?

is going paperless on your radar

 Did you know that one of the largest killers of staff productivity is paper? There have been numerous studies by highly respected research firms on this subject and their results might surprise you. IDC data shows that “the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information….60% [of […]

Travel Vouchers Frustrate Community Action Employees and Managers

travel voucher and expense reports frustration solved by Laserfiche

One of the things that seem to frustrate Community Action employees and managers is travel vouchers/expense reports. Each month the employee that travels as part of their job is required to document their travel expenses and turn them in on time.  This is typically done by filling out a paper form. The paperwork then must […]