Laserfiche Tips and Tricks – Simplify Placing Dates On Your Documents

Laserfiche tips and tricks

Laserfiche Tips and Tricks – Simplify Placing Date On Documents If you process applications, one of the first tasks you must do is document when the application was receivedis record the date the application was received .   Laserfiche allows a user to simply add an annotation to a document.  This is a easy way to […]

Laserfiche User Training – Save The Date

laserfiche user training Minnesota

Laserfiche offered many excellent Laserfiche user training classes at their annual conference year. That is great for the few of you who were fortunate to be able to attend. But, for the rest of you that were not able to attend, I have good news for you. Laserfiche is taking some of the best classes […]

Laserfiche Winner’s Circle 2017 Results Are In

Lasserfiche winners circle Minnesota and Missouri

Laserfiche Winner’s Circle We are happy to announce that Hemmingway Solutions was awarded Laserfiche Winner’s Circle Award at this year’s annual conference.  It is exciting to be recognized as one of their top value-added resellers among the hundreds of resellers.  This is our fifth time winning this award. We are reminded that you, one of […]

Laserfiche Helps Non-Profit Organization Fight World Hunger

Laserfiche non-profit St Louis MO

Laserfiche helps non-profit achieve it’s goals. Horldeifer International’s is a unique non-profit who’s mission goal is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth. But, helping just one family could take dozens of vendors, several government organizations, hundreds of contracts and extensive collaboration. This problem is compounded […]

Laserfiche Empower 2018 Scheduled Set

Laserfiche user training Minneapolis Minnesota

Looking to learn more about Laserfiche? Did you miss Empower 2017 in January? If so, it is time to plan ahead for Laserfiche Empower 2018.    The upcoming annual conference is the perfect opportunity! Located in sunny California, Empower is the largest networking event in the ECM (enterprise content management) industry and you won’t want to […]

Laserfiche Tricks and Tips – How to save time entering data in template field

Laserfiche Use Tip St Louis Mo

    Save time by entering data in a template field by dragging and dropping the text. Follow the instructions below for further details. Open document an image document Verify that it has been OCR’ed  Hold down control key and make a box around desired text in the document viewer window  Still holding down control […]