Does using Laserfiche increase the value of your organization?

Laserfiche increased bottom line

You probably know that using Laserfiche to automate business processes will help your staff work more efficiently.  But, does that really make a difference for your organization?  Can that impact be felt in tangible ways? Can it impact the bottom line and increase the value of your organization? It might be difficult to measure how […]

Advantages for College or University to go Paper-Less

advantages of university going paperless

I was asked the other day what are the advantages and disadvantages for a university to go paper-less.  Here is my answer: Advantages of going paperless for a university: Manage and organize student records Streamline admissions process Maintain compliance with automated document filing, data entry and student records retention. Protect student and personnel files Automatically […]

Want to learn more about Laserfiche?

Learn about Laserfiche

You have an opportunity to be the next Laserfiche guru in your office and get away from the cold Minnesota winter weather. Laserfiche’s annual conference, called Empower, is January 9 – 12, 2018, in sunny California. Empower is the largest networking event in the ECM (enterprise content management) industry.  Over  3000 Laserfiche customers, partners and […]

National Community Action Partnership Annual Conference

Hemingway Solutions at National CAP conference

August 29 to Sept 1, 2017, we attended the Community Action Partnership annual conference in Philadelphia, PA.  What a great group of people we were able to hang out with.  We were excited to share how an agency can become much more efficient when using our Laserfiche workflow that we have created for CAP agencies. […]

Why Clients Choose and Stay with Laserfiche – An Expert’s Analysis

why choose Laserfiche

When I purchase a new product, I like to get advice from someone who has purchased the product.  This is real easy if you are purchasing a household product — Amazon has lots of product reviews. But, if you are looking at purchasing an ECM or paper-less system, it is not as easy to find […]

Laserfiche Cloud Webinar

Laserfiche Cloud

Date: Thursday, August 17, 2017 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT What you will learn: Access your documents anytime, anywhere from a secure, online repository Enjoy the benefits of Laserfiche ECM without buying software or maintaining a server Capture documents from any device, including phones, tablets and desktops Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web […]

Laserfiche Training Aug 23, 2017

Laserfiche empower spark training

LASERFICHE TRAINING OPPORTUNITY Did you miss out on Laserfiche’s last year’s Empower conference?  And did you also miss the local regional training?  If so, here is your chance to make up for it.  There is an upcoming event where you can get free training. Laserfiche annual conference

Community Action Partnership Hennepin County Energy Assistance

CAP increased productivity by 129%

Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County had been using Laserfiche for over six years. After they processed Energy Assistance applications, they archived them in Laserfiche.   After seeing the results that several other CAP’s had experienced when implementing Laserfiche Workflow, they decided that they would do the same.  Instead of scanning the applications at the end […]