You can create web-based electronic forms

simple electronic forms

One of the challenges to moving your organization to become more paperless is that so many documents start their life as paper forms. Here are some examples of the type of forms you may have: Vacation Request Expense Rembursement Building Permit Application Employment Application Credit Application Agenda item approval Business license application Business license renewal […]

Can using Laserfiche impact your community?

Laserfiche impact community

That is a good question.  The City of Long Beach believes so and has the number to back it up.  You see, the long time Laserfiche client decided a number of years ago to use Laserfiche in their police department to help crack down on crime.  In particular they wanted to combat gang violence.  Within a […]

Does using Laserfiche increase the value of your organization?

Laserfiche increased bottom line

You probably know that using Laserfiche to automate business processes will help your staff work more efficiently.  But, does that really make a difference for your organization?  Can that impact be felt in tangible ways? Can it impact the bottom line and increase the value of your organization? It might be difficult to measure how […]